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Welcome to Girls in Action

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Welcome to Girls in Action . Girls in Action ® is a fun-filled missions organization just for girls in grades 1 through 6. GA ® helps girls develop spiritually toward a missional lifestyle. Girls in GA learn . . . a biblical worldview that encompasses the globe.

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Girls in Action

Girls in Action® is a fun-filled missions organization just for girls in grades 1 through 6. GA® helps girls develop spiritually toward a missional lifestyle.

Girls in GA learn . . .

  • a biblical worldview that encompasses the globe.
  • ways to demonstrate the love of Christ to others.
  • how God is working around the world.
  • that they are a part of God’s plan.
ga motto

GA Motto

Go Forward!

ga pledge

GA Pledge

As a GA, I will do my best to

live a missions lifestyle that

honors God by

learning about missions,

praying for missions,

giving to missions,

doing missions,

and participating in the work of the church.

ga scripture verse

GA Scripture Verse

Give thanks to the Lord. Worship him. Tell the nations what he has done. Announce how honored he is.

—Isaiah 12:4 (NIrV)

ga lifestyle verse

GA Lifestyle Verse

The Lord has shown you what is good. He has told you what he requires of you. You must treat people fairly. You mush love others faithfully. And you must be very careful to live the way your God wants you to.

—Micah 6:8 (NIrV)

ga song chorus

GA Song Chorus:

We’re Girls in Action.

We’re girls with a mission,

And we’re reaching the world.

We’re Girls in Action,

And we’re spreading God’s love around the world.

All around, around , around the world.

ga basics
GA Basics
  • The foundation of GA is the meetings. Girls journey together as they learn about missions and do missions with their peers.
  • The yearly curriculum is designed to give girls a broad view of how God is working through missions around the world.
  • GAs discover a variety of missions needs and ministries. They participate in projects that make a difference in their communities and around the world.
ga study units
GA Study Units
  • With each monthly unit, GAs learn about a different missions area.
  • Each weekly session introduces girls to a different aspect of the missions area. Girls receive a holistic understanding of the missions area by the end of the month.
  • Each session builds on the month’s Scripture passage as a biblical basis for missions.
session one
Session One


The Biblical Basis for the Month’s Topic

What does the Bible say?

session two
Session Two

The Cultural or Missions Need Addressed by this Ministry

What is the need?

session three
Session Three

An In-Depth Look at the Featured Ministry

What is being done to meet the need?

session four
Session Four

Girls may complete a WorldVenturessm project or participate in one of two simulation activities that reinforce the information covered in the previous three sessions.

What do I need to know in order to personalize and apply what I’ve learned?

live action project
Live Action Project
  • A Live Action Projectwill provide a hands-on ministry idea related to the unit.
  • It will answer the question,
    • How can I help meet this need or a similar need in my community?
getting started step 1
Getting Started: Step 1

How to Involve Children in Missions:

Includes Guides for Girls in Action and

Children in Action

This comprehensive resource provides detailed guidance for how the organization works, and how to start and maintain a GA group. It includes detailed information about the curriculum, information to guide leaders in teaching children, reproducible forms, and many other helpful resources.

getting started step 2
Getting Started: Step 2


  • The GA curriculum consist of three basic pieces: GA Leader, GA Leader Kit, and GA World. Subscriptions to these bimonthly pieces may be ordered by calling WMU Customer Service.
  • Each curriculum piece is delivered 3-to-4 weeks before the unit begins.
ga leader
GA Leader

The leaders guide to weekly teaching plans.

One magazine per leader is needed.

a glimpse of the ga session
A Glimpse of the GA Session
  • Explore (10–15 minutes)
  • Explain (15–20 minutes)
  • Experience (20 minutes)
  • Express (10 minutes)
  • Explore (10–15 minutes)
    • the GA Motto, GA Pledge, and GA Verse(s)
    • an active, hands-on introductory activity
    • includes options for prereaders and preteens
  • Explain (15–20 minutes)
    • story and reinforcement activity for younger girls (grades 1–3)
    • story and reinforcement activity for older girls (grades 4–6)
    • choose the story that is best for your age group
  • Experience (20 minutes)
    • three activities that will give girls hands-on, creative experiences that relate to the material they are learning
    • activities include games, cooking, crafts, and drama
    • options for prereaders and preteens
    • leader may choose activities that work best for her age group
  • Express (10 minutes)
    • review of unit Scripture verse
    • prayer about what girls have learned, and for an MK (featured in GA World) with a birthday during the week
    • all girlsparticipate together
for prereaders
For Prereaders
  • Each weekly session provides two activity alternatives designed for children who cannot read or are just learning to read.
  • An additional prereader activity is provided each month at
for preteens
For Preteens
  • Each weekly session provides two activity alternatives designed for preteens.
  • A monthly preteens page includes suggestions and ideas for helping fifth- and sixth-grade girls have a unique and age-appropriate experience in GA.
  • An additional prereader activity is provided each month at
more missions in ga leader
More Missions in GA Leader

Live Action Project

  • Each unit will include a Live Action Project related to the month’s missions focus.
  • This page provides a suggestion for a hands-on ministry project GA groups can do any time during the month. Some groups may choose to do a project every month.
more for families in ga leader
More for Families in GA Leader

Family Missions Focus

  • GA Leader provides a monthly Family Missions Focus page that leaders can copy and send home to parents.
  • The Family Missions Focus page will help parents reinforce learning in GA and provide parents with three family missions activities they can do at home.
more for leaders
More for Leaders

Leadership Articles

  • Each issue of GA Leader comes with a variety of articles to assist leaders with planning, outreach, events, and much more.
  • Also included are stories, tips, feedback, and helpful ideas from other GA Leaders.
ga leader kit
GA Leader Kit

This combined resource kit and picture set supports the weekly teaching plan in GA Leader.

One kit needed per classroom.

ga leader kit includes
GA Leader Kit includes . . .
  • pictures of the missionary and missions area featured in that month’s unit.
  • a variety of resource items to support the weekly activities suggested each week in GA Leader. Includes gameboards, activity pieces, maps, and banners.
ga world
GA World

This is the girls’ magazine used weekly in GA sessions.

One magazine for each girl.

ga world includes
GA World includes . . .
  • missionary stories
  • crafts ideas
  • recipes
  • session activities and worksheets
  • MK prayer calendar
  • MK of the Month
  • a pullout poster and missions-activity calendar
  • GA group feature
  • a variety of fun stuff submitted by GAs

. . . and more!


The individualized achievement plan for GA.

One age-graded book needed per girl.

  • This optional plan is designed for use once a month. Age-graded books and projects help girls grow spiritually and mature in their understanding of missions.
  • Charms are awarded for each level completed.
getting started step 3
Getting Started: Step 3


  • WMU provides churches with tools to plan and promote GA. These include
    • WMU Year Book 2009–2010
    • personal consultation and training through state WMU offices
planning for 2009 2010
Planning for 2009–2010

  • provides helpful information to help churches start GA
  • includes GA basic information flyer, invitations, bulletin or newsletter inserts, and a unit of GA curriculum
planning for 2009 201038
Planning for 2009–2010

WMU Year Book 2009–2010

  • The GA year runs September through August. The WMU Year Book is available the February before the GA year starts.
  • This resource provides a preview of the GA year—from that year’s theme to each month’s unit focus. Provides resources and ideas for the entire year.
planning for 2009 201039
Planning for 2009–2010

  • Planning resources are posted in June before the start of each new year.
  • GA Leaders can find and share ideas on the GA Leader Forum.
  • FAQ: an extensive list of frequently-asked questions and answers.
  • Presentations and conference outlines are available for leaders to train new leaders in their own churches.
planning for 2009 201040
Planning for 2009–2010

State WMU Offices

  • Each state has a WMU office that will provide training and consulting to churches and individuals.
  • Many states provide state or regional GA training.
  • Use the contact information at to contact your state WMU office.
getting started part 4
Getting Started: Part 4

GA Extras

Find more information about the following resources in How to Involve Children in Missions and at or

  • Fit 4 God’s Mission Promotion Pack (2009–2010)
  • Children’s Ministry Day—February 20, 2010
  • GA Scrapbook
  • Badges
  • Identity Items
  • Missions idea books for church and home
  • “Exploring God’s World” Reading Club

GA Basics

  • How to Involve Children in Missions
  • GA Leader
  • GA Leader Kit
  • GA World
  • WorldVentures
  • GA Extras
ga resources
GA Resources
  • To order a subscription to the curriculum, call WMU Customer Service at 1-800-968-7301.
  • To order products or renew a subscription, visit or call WMU Customer Service at 1-800-968-7301.