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India. Dylan G osein. Food. Lamb is mostly served in India. A collection of I ndian food would include C hapati , chutney, rice, fruits, nuts, and lamb. They also eat rice , corn, barley, and channa (a type of chickpea). ). Clothing.

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Lamb is mostly served in India. A collection of Indian food would include Chapati, chutney, rice, fruits, nuts, and lamb. They also eat rice, corn, barley, and channa(a type ofchickpea).)


Many Indian men, especially in the country side, wear turbans on their head. Most Indian women wear a length of fabric wrapped around their bodies. It is called a sari.


Farming is important to the economy. With such a large population, food is important to the the economy. The TajMahal is very important to the economy because lots of tourists visit there every day.

interesting facts about india
Interesting facts about India

One interesting fact about India is everyone showers at the same place. They also drink at the same place. Five religions -Hinduism , Buddism , Janism , Sikhism , and Christianity - can be found in India.