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Extended definitions

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Extended definitions. What is an extended definition?. An extended definition is a piece of writing that consists of one or more paragraphs whose purpose is to define a particular term. The structure of an extended definition

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Extended definitions

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    1. Extended definitions What is an extended definition?

    2. An extended definition is a piece of writing that consists of one or more paragraphs whose purpose is to define a particular term. The structure of an extended definition A one-paragraph extended definition may begin with a sentence definition which acts as a topic sentence, followed by a supporting part that explains, describes, or develops the main idea given in the topic sentence.

    3. The topic sentence • The topic sentence is the main-idea sentence. It is the most general and most important sentence of the paragraph. It tells the readers the following: - the topic: what the paragraph is about - the controlling idea: the writer’s attitude or idea about the topic

    4. Example: Identify the topic sentence in the following paragraph. Parents can help their children be successful in school by encouraging them. Children usually enjoy playing games instead of studying their boring lessons, so parents have to take the responsibility to monitor their studying and to remind them to their work at home after school. Parents should also encourage their children to study by buying story books with pictures, or they can buy text books that help children learn to spell.

    5. The supporting part The supporting part extends the sentence definition into an extended definition by adding more sentences to the topic sentence (or sentence definition). These sentences could be: - Examples - Illustration (extended example) - comparison - Contrast - Etymology (origin of the term) - Exclusion - Synonyms - Classification - Partition (divisions into parts, topics, features, etc.) - Chronology (historical development) - Description (mechanism, process, place, characteristics, etc.) - Causal analysis

    6. (Sentence definition)We can define an SUV as a vehicle which is usually driven on rough terrain. (Illustration)SUV is an acronym which stands for sports utility vehicle. (Description)The engines of the SUV vehicles supply power to all four wheels, so they are better for cruising sand dunes. (Classification)SUV vehicles vary in size; some of them can seat 5 passengers, while others can seat 7 passengers. (Description) SUV vehicles are quite common in Saudi Arabia due to the low cost of petrol and their fantastic performance in the desert.

    7. (Sentence definition)The periodic table can be defined as an organized array of all the chemical elements in order of the atomic weight. (Illustration)The elements show a periodic recurrence of certain properties. (Chronology)It was first discovered in 1869 by Dmitry I. Mendeleyev. (Description)Those in the same column or group of the table as usually arranged have similar properties. (Chronology)In the 20th century, when the structure of atoms was understood, the table was seen to precisely reflect increasing order of atomic number. (Description)Members of the same group in the table have the same number of electrons in the outermost shells of their atoms and form bonds of the same type.

    8. (Sentence definition) Glass is a hard transparent material which is used to make windows, bottles and other objects. (Etymology)glass is an English word and was first used before the twelfth century. (Chronology)Glass has been used as a decorative object indoors since ancient times. Today, glass is widely used in the construction and telecommunication sectors. (Description)It is made by cooling molten ingredients such as silica sand with sufficient rapidity to prevent the formation of visible crystals.

    9. - You can download the slides of this class from this link. http://www.onlineacademicwriting.com/documents/english_101.html References: • Ruetten, M. K. 1997, Developing Composition Skills, Heinle & Heinle Publishers, USA. • Dale, T. 2004, An introduction to academic discourse, KFUPM Printing Press, KSA.