general biology lab ii ebio 1240 n.
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General Biology Lab II EBIO 1240

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General Biology Lab II EBIO 1240 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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General Biology Lab II EBIO 1240 . TA: Amanda Hund. Important Information. My office hours: N197 Monday 12-1 Wednesday 1-2 By appointment Email: Course Website: http :// /. A bit about me. From Willmar, Minnesota.

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important information
Important Information
  • My office hours: N197
    • Monday 12-1
    • Wednesday 1-2
    • By appointment
  • Email:
  • Course Website:

a bit about me
A bit about me..
  • From Willmar, Minnesota

Weather for Saturday: 2 °


First year PhD student in Rebecca Safran’s Lab

Study: Sexual Selection, Divergence, Speciation and Parasite Interactions- In Barn Swallows


Who are you?

Name, year, major, where you are from, interesting fact, coolest animal you have ever seen. (it is a lot but you can handle it)

the course
  • Classroom Expectations
  • Lab Manuals
  • Objectives of Lab
  • Class Structure
  • Grading
    • Quizzes, Lab Reports
  • Attendance
  • Honor Code
  • Resources

Things to look out for:

  • Prediction vsHypothesis
  • Prove
  • Theory
key words
Key Words
  • Phylogeny: Evolutionary History
  • Taxonomy: Classifying organisms

(organizes them based on phylogeny)

  • Systematics: Study of diversity of organisms in relation to their phylogeny
carl linnaeus what is in a name
Carl Linnaeus: What is in a Name









Dear King Phillip Came Over For Green Socks

Genus (noun)

Specific name (adjective)


Pinus ponderosa

key words1
Key Words
  • Analogy- Similar in structure or function, different evolutionary origins.
  • Homology- Similar in structure or function due to common ancestry.

Analogous Traits

Convergent Evolution: Have come up with the same answer from different backgrounds


Hand Homology

May look different: but have a common ancestor, the same bones used for different things.

today s lab
Today’s Lab
  • Use Skull characteristics to figure out similarities (aka relatedness)
  • Build phylogeny
  • Use DNA to look at similarities
  • Build phylogeny
  • Compare
using characteristics to create
Using characteristics to create…
  • A Character Matrix
  • A Dissimilarity Matrix
things to think about
Things to Think About
  • How do the methods compare?
  • Why?
  • Is one better?