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Innovative Teachers: European Poster Event 2004. NAME: School: COUNTRY: Area(s) covered:. Jiri Luka ZS Mendiku Prague Czech Republic. the teaching of students in class and/or elsewhere 3. the use of information communications and collaboration assessment of students .

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Presentation Transcript

Innovative Teachers: European Poster Event 2004




Area(s) covered:

Jiri Luka

ZS Mendiku Prague

Czech Republic

  • the teaching of students in class and/or elsewhere
  • 3.the use of information
  • communications and collaboration
  • assessment of students

Teacher’s comment:

ICT – better cooperation and communication with parents; more efficient retrieval and use of information; higher effectiveness of teaching process; etc. These are things I’m already using from the first class of basic school. Let’s have a look …..

Welcome to Second Year website of the basic school ZS Mendiku.

Here you’lllearn all about this nice class

Narnie is a fairyland, only accessibleto children and to grown-upswith a child’s heart.

This school year we are exploring this land full of adventures,

we help the charactersof thismagic world....

This is the initial page of our class website, on which I provide all information about what is happening in our class.

Class information


Calendar of our activities



…and a lot of more information…

narni a is a fairyland where a lot of miracles happen
Narniaisa fairyland, where a lot of miracles happen.

Parents can participate using our websites

Our traditionalChristmas performance. The babyismy son .

Wise man Juniper travels in time together with children.

A primaevalmanaskedchildrento help him make some weapons.

Antoine de Saint Exupery kept visiting our class all year round.

ChiefGreat Snakewith his Indians.

The coronationof king Charles IV.


Photos and information from our summer camp, school teaching trips and many other activities can be also found on the internet.













So that they will not miss their children, parents can be with them every day via photos and reports.

teaching on line
Teaching on-line

Parents as well as missing pupilscan see the lessonalmostlive – in a shoutboard window on the initialpageof our class website.

Simultaneously with the activities in class I type about them to the website.There is a PC connected to the internet on my desk directly in the classroom.

And all that happens in our classcan be also seenin photographs…

interactive information about marks and behaviour
Interactive information about marks and behaviour

Using a passwordparents canentertheir child’s private page, where a set of all marks together with verbalevaluation of the pupil can be found.

How is this informationinteractive?

Each pupil’s private page also containsa private guestbook, through which parents can communicate with the teacher.

Accuracy of thisinformationis guaranteed by dwarf Kornelius…


Using PCs while teachingthe youngest…

In our schools there are modern very well equipped PC rooms.

25 PCs are used by pupils to learn, practise and further the subject matter.

Programsfordrawing,copyingandeditingphotographsin art lessons.

Programs for composing music andencyclopediasof audio extracts are usedin music lessons.

Encyclopedias – searching for new informationin biology, geography, history, literature …

Mathematics, Czech language, and English language are practised in specialized teaching programs.

Word processors – writingessays, copying,and doing language exercises.

… and this is me…

one of my pupilstook this photo andby himself he loadedit unto the PC…

Our directresswith my pupils. I’m holding the camera

can seven year olds travel on the internet highway
Can seven-year-oldstravelon the internet highway?


And will they not feel dizzy?

Of course not…

Already from the first years ofschool I lead childrento the rightuse of the internet.

  • on the internet we seek information, which weuseinsubjects
  • we read in internet magazines
  • we discusspros and “cons“ of the internet
  • we communicate via e-mail
  • we have also used a chat program - with the helpof pupils’ parents