settling the middle colonies n.
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Settling the Middle Colonies

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Settling the Middle Colonies. Competition A Holy Experiment A Refuge From Persecution. New Netherland. European Competition - Dutch pursue fur trade w/Natives, like French Dutch Government’s - West India Trading Company vs.

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settling the middle colonies

Settling the Middle Colonies


A Holy Experiment

A Refuge From Persecution

new netherland
New Netherland

European Competition

- Dutch pursue fur trade w/Natives, like French

Dutch Government’s - West India Trading Company


French, Company of One Hundred Associates

- Fort Orange (Albany) to New Amsterdam (New York)

- Native allies were Iroquois – French allied with Algonquin (Abenaki, Huron)

- Slave trade brought more Africans as both slaves and indentured servants

- Religious tolerance brought other Europeans ( Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Germans, Scandanavians)

notable dutch in history
Notable Dutch in History

Peter Stuyvesant – Last Dutch

Governor of New Amsterdam

when British took over.

Peter Minuet – Bought Manhattan for $24 in beads.

Trial of John Peter Zenger

1st time Freedom of the Press was protected by law.


Names of towns you

Know are all Dutch!

Why did the Dutch think it was important to settle up and down the Hudson River?


William Penn owned Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware; as the proprietor, he was the largest private American landowner, ever.

He got the territory from King CharlesII of England in return for a debt owed to his father.

a nother holy experiment
A(nother) Holy Experiment

Quakers in Pennsylvania

  • No land owning aristocracy
  • 50 acres of land and the right to vote
  • Representative assembly throughout territory
  • Respect for Natives right to the land – bought it
  • Opposed to war and had peaceful relations w/ Natives
  • Calvert Family (Lord Baltimore)
  • Escaped Religious persecution
  • Colony surrounded by protestant settlements after English revolution and feared persecution
  • Passed Maryland Acts of Toleration to protect themselves