waters of russia and the middle east n.
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Waters of Russia and the Middle East PowerPoint Presentation
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Waters of Russia and the Middle East

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Waters of Russia and the Middle East - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Waters of Russia and the Middle East.

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waters of russia and the middle east
Waters of Russia and the Middle East
  • Some notable water features in this area are: the Volga, the Don, The Kama, The Caspian Sea, The Black Sea, the Tigris-Euphrates river area, the Jordan river, the Aral Sea, Lake Baikal, the Arctic Ocean, the Ob, the Lena, the Indus, the Angara, and the Pacific Ocean.
unesco sites
  • Two UNESCO sites in this area are the Virgin Komi Forest and The Natural Reserve of Wrangle. These are both some of the few “wild” left in the world and are valued as such.
  • Israel has a site known as the Old city of Acre and it is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited dwelling.
resources of russia
Resources of Russia
  • Russia is very rich in natural resources. The Motherland contains large supplies of most raw resources, such as wood, iron, manganese, chromium, nickel, platinum, titanium, copper, tin, lead, tungsten, diamonds, phosphates, and gold.
  • Russia also is a powerhouse in the power industry. Many other countries depend solely on Russia for oil and natural gas.
resources of the middle east
Resources of the Middle East
  • The Middle East is ridiculously rich in natural gas. They contain 32% of the world’s known natural gas. They also contain a large amount of phosphate, Morocco holds over half the world’s reserves alone. Aside from all the wealth, water is the most valuable resource to own in these dry countries.
land sizes
Land sizes
  • With the 23 total countries there is 6,592,800 sq. mi.
  • A full list of countries is as follows: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia.
  • •Some important landforms in Russia and the Middle East, Ural Mountain range, The Great Steppes, The Taklimakan Desert, The Zargros Mountains, and the West and Central Siberian Planes.
important cities
Important Cities
  • Tehran takes first place at a population of 10,978,900
  • Moscow takes second place at 10,382,754
  • Istanbul has a respectable population of 9,640,500 which earns it third.
  • Baghdad has a population 4,948,300 which earns it fourth place.
  • St Petersburg takes fifth place at 4,661,219
climates and agriculture
CLIMATES and agriculture
  • Agriculture is rather difficult in the majority of the Middle East due to its lack of easy water and poor soil. Although, some contries have irrigated farms to provide for the country.
  • Russia also doesn’t have much in the form of agriculture because of its northern position and cold climate.
  • The climates of Russia are pretty much mountains and tundra, nothing really else.
  • The Middle East is majorly desert and requires irrigation for the movement of water.
did you know
Did you know?
  • Russia was the first nation to land a rover on another planet, namely the moon.
  • The Middle Eastern countries have some of the highest populations, for their size, in the world.
  • The Middle East has the richest oil fields in the world.
  • The official name of Russia is the Russian Federation.
  • Lake Bikal in Russia is the largest freshwater lake in the world, containing roughly 20% of the world’s non-frozen freshwater. The lake also contains freshwater seals.
  • Tetris was first released in the Soviet Union in 1984.