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  1. Riddle I am a monster that has been on a diet. There is no fat on me! Or muscle either! You might say that I am all skin and bones --without the skin. I rattle when I walk. And my teeth chatter when I talk. Who am I?


  3. What is Halloween? On October 31, children dress up in costumes. The children go door to door to collect candy. When you open the door, the children shout, “Trick or treat!”

  4. Where does Halloween come from? A long time ago people believed that on October 31st ghosts of dead people came back. To scare the ghosts, people dressed in costumes. Halloween is now popular with children around the world.

  5. Trick or Treat

  6. Carve Pumpkins/Jack O’ Laterns

  7. Dress in Costumes

  8. Tell scary stories, or watch scary movies.

  9. A witch’s pet that rhymes with rat: CAT

  10. Ghost A scary thing that rhymes with toast:

  11. A bony monster that rhymes with button: skeleton

  12. A monster that rhymes with wire, and has sharp teeth to drink your blood!: vampire

  13. A monster that rhymes with tummy: MUMMY

  14. Funny mummy wrap game “Mummy Wrap Game ” Mummy Wrap is a great game for both kids and adults. Americans play this game either on Halloween or at other parties.

  15. Time: 5 minutes • Number of Players: 2 • Materials: Toilet Paper • Activity: • Split the kids into pairs. • One child plays the role of the "mummy,” the other is the "mummy wrapper." • The fastest mummy wrapper to wrap their mummy from head to toe wins.

  16. Notes: • The players will soon discover that toilet paper tears really easily and to successfully wrap their mummies, the kids have to do it without tearing the paper.

  17. What a witch rides that rhymes with room: BROOM

  18. What kids say that rhymes with meat: Trick or Treat

  19. A scary pumpkin that rhymes with burn: Jack ‘O’ Lantern

  20. A monster with stitches that rhymes with mine: Frankenstein

  21. A person who rides a broom and rhymes with pitch: Witch

  22. Who makes a web and rhymes with wider: Spider EWWWWwww…..

  23. What flies through the air at night and rhymes with cat: BAT


  25. celebrate broomstick pumpkin costume party holiday ghost witch Jack O’ Lantern carve Trick or Treat