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English. P.6 2nd Term. (1999-2000). U.5. Festivals we enjoy. Common festivals we have in Hong Kong. Chinese New year. Easter. Father’s Day. Dragon Boat Festival. Ching Ming Festival. Christmas. Mother’s Day. Chung Yang Festival. Valentine’s Day. S.A.R.Day. New Year.

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  1. English P.6 2nd Term (1999-2000) U.5 Festivals we enjoy

  2. Common festivals we have in Hong Kong Chinese Newyear Easter Father’s Day Dragon Boat Festival Ching Ming Festival Christmas Mother’s Day Chung Yang Festival Valentine’s Day S.A.R.Day New Year Mid-autumn Festival Halloween’s Day

  3. What are these festivals about? Easter Christmas Valentine's Day Dragon Boat Festival Ching Ming Festival Mid-autumn Festival Chinese New Year Mother's Day

  4. Easter • In April • It is the time when Jesus Christ died and came back to life. • Eat chocolate eggs

  5. Christmas • In December • It is the birthday of Jesus Christ • Go to the parties and churches , give cards and presents to our friends and relatives

  6. Valentine’s Day • In February • People send roses and cards to the people they love.

  7. Dragon Boat Festival • In June • The day that the poet Wat Yuen died • Eat rice dumplings and watch boat races

  8. Ching Ming Festival • In April • The day we remember our dead relatives • Visit graves

  9. Mother’s Day • In May • We give flowers and presents to our mothers.

  10. Mid-autumn Festival • In September • The day we enjoy the full moon • Play lanterns and eat moon cakes

  11. Chinese New Year • In February • We celebrate the beginning of the lunar new year. • We watch fireworks and get lucky money

  12. Activity 1 What festivals can we find in each month?

  13. Calendar 2000 New Year Chinese New Year Valentine's Day

  14. Calendar 2000 Dragon Boat Festival Mother's Day Easter Ching Ming Festival Father's Day

  15. Calendar 2000 Mid-Autumn festival S.A.R. Day Chung Yang Festival

  16. Calendar 2000 Christmas Halloween's Day

  17. Activity 2 Can you find out the right festival for the sentence?

  18. Next question It is the birthday of Jesus Christ. Easter New Year Christmas

  19. Next question It is the day that we remember the poet Wat Yuen. Ching Ming Festival Dragon Boat Festival Chung Yang Festival

  20. Next question People send roses and cards to the people they love. Halloween's Day Valentine's Day Mother's Day

  21. Next question It is on the third Sunday in June. Father's Day Mother's Day Dragon Boat Festival

  22. We watch dragon dances and get lucky money. New Year Dragon Boat Festival Chinese New Year

  23. Follow-upexercise With the help of the questions below, write a short paragraph about the festival you like most. • What is your favourite festival? • When is it? • What is the festival about? • How long can we have for holiday? • What do we usually do in the festival?

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