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  1. Uranus Better than the Rest By: Caleb Trent, Jerry Stieg, D.J. Cooke

  2. Size of Uranus Uranus is approximately 31,690 miles (51,118 km) in diameter. This is about 4 times the diameter of the Earth. This gas giant the third largest planet in our solar system (not too big, not too small, just perfect for president).

  3. Chemical Composition Uranus is a frozen, gaseous planet with a molten core. Uranus' atmosphere consists of 83% hydrogen, 15% helium and 2% methane.

  4. Inside Uranus

  5. NASA Missions Only one spacecraft in the history of spaceflight has ever made a close approach to Uranus. NASA’s Voyager 2 went past Uranus in January, 1986, coming within 81,000 km of the surface of Uranus. It took thousands of photographs of Uranus and its moons. No other spacecraft have ever been sent towards Uranus, and there are no plans to send any more.

  6. Tilt, Year, and Day of Uranus The tilt of Uranus is 99-degrees. In other words, the planet is rotating on its side. A day is 17.9 hours A year on Uranus is 84.07 Earth years

  7. Moons Uranus has 27 moons All of Uranus’s moons masses put together does not equal the size of Earth’s moon.

  8. Special Features of Uranus It lays on its side with a axis tilt of 99 Degrees. This causes Uranus to always have one pole towards the dark side, away from the sun. Uranus also has absolutely no cloud cover

  9. History of Uranus 1781: A scientist named Hershel discovered Uranus while making a second sky survey, and thought it was a comet- A scientist named Maskelyne proposed it was a planet. 1787: Herschel discovered the first two moons of Uranus, Titania and Obernon 1977: Uranus’s rings were discovered

  10. Why my Planet should be president This planet is better than the rest. There are no cloudy days on Uranus. Uranus is unique, the only planet spinning on it side. There is more room on Uranus than on Earth. We have a cool climate all year long. You can finally pick the dark side or the light. Nick West Approves this planet.

  11. If my Planet was a person who would it be? If Uranus was a person, it would be Nick West, awesome, cute, and cuddly. • Nick West and the Earth Squad approves this message and says “Vote Uranus”.