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URANUS. BY ALEX . Uranus is the 7 th planet from the sun. What does Uranus look like??. Uranus is a massive ball of blue gas formed into a ball by the sun. It has been discovered that Uranus was hit by a meteorite and got turned on its side. . Uranus. Uranus’s moons.

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what does uranus look like
What does Uranus look like??
  • Uranus is a massive ball of blue gas formed into a ball by the sun. It has been discovered that Uranus was hit by a meteorite and got turned on its side.
uranus s moons
Uranus’s moons
  • Uranus has 27 known moons all named after characters from works by Shakespeare and Alexander Pope
  • Uranus's atmosphere, while similar to Jupiter and Saturn's in its primary composition of hydrogen and helium, contains more ices such as water, ammonia and methane, along with traces of hydrocarbons. It is the coldest planetary atmosphere in the Solar System, with a minimum temperature of 49 K (−224 °C). It has a complex, layered cloud structure, with water thought to make up the lowest clouds, and methane thought to make up the uppermost layer of clouds. In contrast, the interior of Uranus is mainly composed of ices and rock.
uranus s size
Uranus’s size
  • Uranus is quite a small planet in comparison to Jupiter and Saturn and is about the same size as Neptune
visits to uranus
Visits to Uranus
  • Uranus was explored by the voyager two but has never been stood on because it is a ball of gas

Uranus had been observed on many occasions before its discovery as a planet, but it was generally mistaken for a star. The earliest recorded sighting was in 1690 when John Flamsteed observed the planet at least six times, cataloging it as 34 Tauri. The French astronomer Pierre Lemonnier observed Uranus at least twelve times between 1750 and 1769 including on four consecutive nights.

Sir William Herschel observed the planet on March 13, 1781 while in the garden of his house at 19 New King Street in the town of Bath, Somerset, England (now the Herschel Museum of Astronomy),] but initially reported it (on April 26, 1781) as a "comet".

f u n f a c t s
Fun facts
  • Uranus is considered an ice giant
  • Uranus gets its name from the Greek deity of the sky Uranus
  • Uranus revolves around the sun once every 84 human years