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Japanese Clothing

Japanese Clothing. ▶ Traditional Clothing ▶ Modern Clothing. By Seonghun, Emily. Traditional Japanese Clothing.

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Japanese Clothing

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  1. Japanese Clothing ▶Traditional Clothing ▶Modern Clothing By Seonghun, Emily

  2. Traditional Japanese Clothing The traditional forms of japanese clothing or japanese clothes in general is called wafuku(わふく). Traditional japanese clothing can be broken down into the following clothing categories.  きもの ゆかた

  3. Kimono (きもの) • meaning clothing or things to wear is the basic japanese clothing • Today, most formal kimono are made of rayon, cotton sateen, cotton, polyester and other synthetic fibers except for the traditional wedding kimono.

  4. The Kimono Pattern Parts

  5. Men’s Kimono • Kimono were traditionally worn by men as daily wear clothing, but today they are usually only worn for festivals, ceremonies, special occasions and as kimono robes.

  6. Yukata (ゆかた) • The yukata is a japanese summer kimono worn by both men and women. The name yukata comes from the word ”ゆ” (bath) and “かたびら" (under clothing ).

  7. there are many matching accessories that can be purchased separately when buying a yukata.

  8. Modern Clothing • School Uniform          (がくらん)、(セーラーふく) • Ganguro (がんぐろ)

  9. School Uniform • The Japanese junior and senior high school uniform traditionally consists of a military style uniform (がくらん) for boys and a sailor dress (セーラーふく) for girls.

  10. School Uniform がぃらん セーラーふく

  11. がんぐろ The Ganguro(がんぐろ)street fashion became popular among Japanese girls in the early 2000s, this style consists of bleached hair, a dark tan, fake eyelashes, black and white eyeliner, accessories and platform shoes.

  12. がんぐろ

  13. Thanks for watching our Japanese Project ゆかた: How to wear the ゆかた Japaneseschool uniform がんぐろ

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