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Clothing. Patterns and materials. Patterns. Polka Dots. A black and white polka dot dress. Multi coloured. A multi coloured dress. Striped/Stripy. A pair of stripy/striped socks. Checked. A black and white checked shirt. Tartan. A Scottish tartan kilt. Flowery.

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  1. Clothing Patterns and materials.

  2. Patterns

  3. Polka Dots A black and white polka dot dress

  4. Multi coloured A multi coloured dress

  5. Striped/Stripy A pair of stripy/striped socks

  6. Checked A black and white checked shirt

  7. Tartan A Scottish tartan kilt.

  8. Flowery A pair of flowery swimming shorts.

  9. Short sleeved A short sleeved t-shirt.

  10. Long sleeved A long sleeved t-shirt

  11. Buttons This coat has buttons

  12. Zip This cardigan has a zip

  13. Materials

  14. Cotton A navy cotton vest

  15. Denim Matching denim jacket and jeans.

  16. Leather A pair of leather boots

  17. Linen A linen skirt

  18. Rubber A pair of rubber wellington boots

  19. Silk Some silk pyjamas

  20. Suede A purple suede shoe.

  21. Wool/woollen A thick woolen jumper

  22. Nylon A nylon raincoat

  23. Polyester A polyester fleece jacket.

  24. Can you write a description about the following 8 items of clothing? Use as many of the adjectives as possible.

  25. You can have any of the following… 1. Blue, polka dot dress. 2. Blue, rubber shoes. 3. Thick, grey, woollen gloves 4. Blue, red and black, long sleeved, buttoned tartan shirt. 5. Denim buttoned shorts. 6. Multi coloured, stripy, woollen scarf. 7. Red and white flowery, short sleeved, buttoned shirt. 8. Black leather, long sleeved jacket with zips.

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