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WWI - WWII. What events caused WWI?. The Alliance System All of Europe was drawn into the war due to alliances. Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand. What events caused the US to enter WWI?. Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare on cargo ships. The Zimmerman Telegram

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What events caused wwi
What events caused WWI?

  • The Alliance System

    • All of Europe was drawn into the war due to alliances.

  • Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand

What events caused the us to enter wwi
What events caused the US to enter WWI?

  • Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare on cargo ships.

  • The Zimmerman Telegram

    • Wanted Mexico to attack the US if US enters the war.

    • After war Mexico would revive all land taken by the US.

Fort mcpherson
Fort McPherson

  • Became the center for training recruits and draftees.

  • Also housed German prisoners of war.

Why is camp benning important
Why is Camp Benning important?

  • Located in Columbus, GA.

  • The permanent home for the US Army’s Infantry.

Changing of the role of women
Changing of the role of women

  • Women took over the jobs of men who went off to war.

  • Showed that women could do the same jobs as men.

    • Led to more people supporting suffrage for women.

Problems for ga s farmers
Problems for GA’s farmers

  • The boll weevil destroyed the cotton crop.

  • Drought also made it hard for farmers to make a profit.

Forward atlanta commission
Forward Atlanta Commission

  • Purpose was to get businesses from around the country to move to Atlanta.

  • 1 Million was spent in advertising. 30 million dollars in payroll was created.

What factors caused the great depression
What factors caused the Great Depression?

  • Speculation in the stock market

  • Overproduction of American goods.

  • Stock Market Crash

Eugene talmadge
Eugene Talmadge

  • Georgia’s Governor

  • Critic of Roosevelt’s New Deal Program

  • Talmadge argued that New Deal regulations would hurt businesses by making them pay their workers more.

  • He also did not want to provide aid to the state’s African American population. Thought the real goal of New Deal is to end segregation.

Talmadge and uga
Talmadge and UGA

  • Talmadge used his power as gov to get two UGA professors who wanted to integrate school.

  • UGA lost it’s accreditation.

  • Georgians began to protest Talmadge and his actions.

Warm springs1
Warm Springs

  • FDR often came here for treatment for his polio.

  • The water eased the pain in his legs

New deal
New Deal

  • FDR’s plan for the government to end the Great Depression.

  • The three goals were Relief (immediate help to those who need it.), Recovery (get US out of depression), and Reform (Prevent depression from happening again).

Civilian conservation corp
Civilian Conservation Corp

  • Put young men to work in rural and forest areas.

  • All work was environmental: planting trees, soils erosion, dams, roads, fire prevention, and mosquito control.

  • Men were paid $30 a month, $22 were sent back to the parents.

American agricultural administration
American Agricultural Administration

  • Main purpose was to increase the price of farm goods.

    • AAA destroyed surplus crops to raise prices. Many people thought it was wrong to destroy food when people were going hungry.

Rural electrification administration and tennessee valley authority
Rural Electrification Administration and Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Paid unemployed men to bring electricity to rural areas that were without.

  • Built dams along many rivers to create hydroelectricity.

Social security act
Social Security Act Authority

  • Created to provide money for the elderly and the disabled.

  • Tax is taken out of the paycheck of working people. When the working people retire, then the younger workers pay for them.

What events led to the start of wwii
What events led to the start of WWII? Authority

  • Expansion: Germany, Japan, Italy began taking over weaker countries.

  • Germany was crippled and outraged by the harsh punishment in the Treaty of Versailles.

  • WWII starts when Germany invades Poland in 1939.

Lend lease act
Lend Lease Act Authority

  • Policy that allowed the US to give Britain military goods to keep fighting the Germans.

  • Britain was out of $ and could not buy US goods anymore.

  • This was a way for the US to help the Allies and still remain neutral.

Pearl harbor
Pearl Harbor Authority

  • Dec 7, 1941 “Day of Infamy”.

  • Japan launched a sneak attack on the US Naval Base in Pearl Harbor, HI.

  • Japan’s goal was to cripple the US’s Pacific Fleet.

  • US joined WWII after the attack.

Why did japan attack the us
Why did Japan attack the US? Authority

  • Japan was expanding through the Pacific Islands and the US was in the way.

  • Germany thought that the US could not fight a two front war.

    • If the US was fighting in the Pacific, then they can’t fight in Europe.

Bell bomber
Bell Bomber Authority

  • B-29 bombers were a very important part of the US war effort.

  • They were built in Marietta, GA.

  • Employed Thousands of Georgia residents.

Ga s military bases
GA’s Military Bases Authority

  • GA’s was chosen because of the good weather all seasons of the year.

  • Camp Benning is the largest Army infantry base in GA and the US.

Savannah and brunswick shipyards
Savannah and Brunswick Shipyards Authority

  • Both locations were deep water ports which allowed ships to be built and launched form GA’s coast.

Richard russell and carl vinson
Richard Russell and Carl Vinson Authority

  • Both were GA congressman who were influential in bringing military bases and war time industry to Georgia.

  • Created thousands of jobs for Georgians.