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Colors and Emotion

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Colors and Emotion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Colors and Emotion. How can color effect the way we feel?. Color Psychology. How could a color effect the way I feel? Warm colors ( red , orange , and yellow ) can often have feelings of warmth and comfort , but also anger and hostility .

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colors and emotion

Colors and Emotion

How can color effect the way we feel?

color psychology
Color Psychology
  • How could a color effect the way I feel?
  • Warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) can often have feelings of warmth and comfort, but also anger and hostility.
  • Cool colors (blue, green, and purple) usually have feelings of calm, but also sadness or coldness.
  • How does red make you feel?
  • Red is the most powerful color in the spectrum!
  • Red is known to be a color of strength and desire, and sometimes anger.
  • Red also makes things POP out! This is why the majority of advertisements use red.
  • Red can even raise blood pressure!
  • Pink, the combination of red and white, has the opposite effect.
  • Pink is very calm and usually represents unconditional love.
  • Pink helps to lesson irritation and aggression.
  • Orange has a lot of positive emotional effects!
  • Orange opens up your emotions, increases self-worth, forgiveness, and makes you happier if you’re sad!
  • Yellow stimulates the brain and can make you more alert and energetic!
  • The right kind of yellow can lift your spirits, make you think clearer and help you organize.
  • However, the wrong yellow can create a feeling of fear and anxiety.
  • I could never do homework in my room because of this…
  • Green creates feelings of comfort, laziness, relaxation, calmness.
  • Green relates to nature and makes you balanced and soothes your emotions.
  • Dark green has the opposite effect though!
  • Dark or grayish greens remind us of decay and death.
  • Ever notice how cartoon characters turn green when they’re sick?
  • Blue has the opposite feelings of red.
  • It can lower blood pressure and has a cooling, soothing, and calming effect.
  • Blue can inspire creativity and clarity!
  • However, dark blue can make you feel very sad.
  • Purple helps to balance the mind and get rid of fear.
  • Purple can inspire imagination, bring peace, and helps you to think.
  • Brown is warm and the color of earth and hominess.
  • Brown can feel stable and secure.
  • Brown can also feel closed off and can give the feeling of retreating from the world.
  • Gray is very neutral.
  • It suppresses a lot of emotions and gives a feeling of dampness, depression, and lack of energy.
  • Black can be comforting and protective, but it can also be mysterious.
  • Black is often associated with silence and death.
  • It is the absence of light, something which can create fear.
  • Black can also seem stable and serious.
  • Where black is the absence of color, white is the reflection of all color!
  • White can feel clean, pure, simple and sophisticated.
  • However, it can also feel cold and unfriendly.
colors and emotions
Colors and Emotions
  • How can you use this information on color psychology to create feelings in your own work?
  • What are some colors that you will use?