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eScape – online audience profiling

eScape – online audience profiling. A free service, offered by InSites Consulting to online media worldwide. Content.

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eScape – online audience profiling

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  1. eScape – online audience profiling A free service, offered by InSites Consulting to online media worldwide.

  2. Content About eScapeWhat is your benefit ?What is our benefit ?Research processOn-site recruitment of respondents Flexible system of data collection Reporting of research results Portfolio plannerMedia planning tooleScape serves a variety of purposesTechnical implementation

  3. About eScape eScape is a free audience profiling solution, offered by InSites Consulting to online media worldwide eScape aims at collecting tangible data on 3 different levels through on-site surveys Socio-demographical research Attitudinal research Behavioral research The collected data is ready-to-use for marketing, sales and planning purposes

  4. What is your benefit ? … as an ad network ? Back up sales efforts with convincing figures Enrich marketing with whitepapers, charts, reports, ... Support media planning with a broad dataset for targeting Create an added value for your publishers ... as a publisher ? Measure site satisfaction and benchmark with the competition Use profiling insights to further optimize contents and structure for the audience … as an agency or advertiser ? • Base media planning andy buying decisions on a large range of profiling variables • Define target groups in great detail and find the best sites and networks for the media plan

  5. What is our benefit ? … as a market research company ? The possibility to release market reports based on aggregated data Recruit new members for our online research panel by means of a double opt-in at the end of the survey. People who subscribe can be invited by us in the future to take part in other types of market research projects, which we conduct for clients as Coca-Cola, Sara Lee, Masterfoods etc.

  6. Research process On-site recruitment of respondents Sample representativity... ...is guaranteed by built-in capping or capping set on ad server. Non – intrusiveness towards visitors... ...thanks to a built-in cookie system, which ensures that the invite will not be shown to people who have recently particpated OR rejected the invite on any site using eScape. High click-through rates... ...are achieved by branding the invite with the site logo and offering an incentive. Upon their request, large partners can benefit from a customized survey layout.

  7. Research process Flexible system of data collection • Fixed structure • Page 1 covers socio-demographics & site satisfaction • Page 2 offers the following question sets in rotation: • Automotive – the largest sector in online advertising • Internet search – answering the question ‘what does my audience use the internet for?’ • Cross-Media – answering the question ‘which other media does my audience consult?’ • Page 3 can include different optional questions sets. • Mobile, B2B, Travel, Sports, etc. • If more than 3 optional sets are activated, these are put in rotation to • limit the length of the survey Modular composition of the survey Over 15 ready made question sets constitute the building blocks of the survey. Limited survey length A rotation of the question sets limits the survey to max. 3 pages. Specific research needs A custom question set can be set up, to meet specific research needs of a permanent or ad hoc nature. Demo material is available in the demo section of our portal site. Select country and click through on the different research themes, to get an idea of what the question set looks like.

  8. Research process Reporting of research results Real time online reporting Research results are available for analysis in an easy to use online reporting tool. Specific features Analysis of data on network-, channel- or site level Frequencies, comparisons, crossings Benchmarking possibilities Easy data exports into xls or xml Easy export of visuals into png, pdf or jpeg Demo material is available in the demo section of our portal site. Select country to get login and password. Then, log in to the reporting tool in the box on the left and try it out.

  9. Portfolio planner Define detailed target groups based on Basic socio-demographical variables Extended profiling variables Portfolio planner Check in your network which sites & channels offer the best penetration for the defined target group

  10. Media planning tool A media planning tool In some markets, InSites Consulting offers a media planning tool to agencies and advertisers. Data is only shared in this tool upon explicit authorization of our partners. The tool checks across the market which ad networks can deliver the right audience with their sites & channels.

  11. eScape serves a variety of purposes Sales & marketing Include extended profiling data in your rate cards, media kits and sales presentations Share your data in the media planning tool Spot new sales opportunities by actively analyzing research results on the consumer profile of site audiences Targeting Get an overview of which sites offer the best representation of a certain target group Website optimization Data on site satisfaction can be used to further optimize content and structure of the site The profiling insights can be used to create better engagement with visitors by knowing more about them

  12. Technical setup Technical implementation... …is as easy as copy-pasting a snippet of javascript code in the source of any webpage or trafficking it through an ad server. Account setup… …can be completed after communication of the following details. Site URL Label – the name of the website, as you would like it to appear in reporting Partner ID – your unique ID in case you would like to traffic the script through your ad server Country & Language – in case a site is available in several languages, please use separate rows Category – (optional) describes the content of the site, to filter on category in portfolio & media planner Targeting themes – choose per site, which optional question sets you would like activated on the 3rd page A test case… …is easily set up and a great way to make a quick evaluation of our service!

  13. Some references “InSites Consulting provides us with in-depth profiling information on nearly all sites of our European portfolio. Using InSites Consulting as a third party, we are able to provide more trustworthy and up-to-date information to the market and, as a result, can deliver a better service to our site partners and advertisers. I am really impressed with InSites’ flexible attitude and the scope of services offered to us.” Karina Curley - European Research Manager for AdLINK “I must say, I´m deeply contented with your service. Set up and interpretation of the survey is really easy and the support is great ;-) It´s nice to hear that you involve your partners to improve your service.” Jörg Schriefl - Marketing Manager for Hi-Media Germany

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