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Using Webmail. Mott Community College. Finding Your User Name. Open a browser window Enter the following URL in the address bar Click on the link that says “Click here to find out your name and password”. Finding Your User Name. You are now on the account activation page

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Using webmail

Using Webmail

Mott Community College

Finding your user name
Finding Your User Name

  • Open a browser window

  • Enter the following URL in the address

  • Click on the link that says“Click here to find out your name and password”

Finding your user name1
Finding Your User Name

  • You are now on the account activation page

  • Enter your 7 digit student number (include any zeros in the front)

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page – reading as you go and click on the Submit Query button

Finding your user name2
Finding Your User Name

  • A successful query will bring you to a window that will give you

    • your email address

    • your user name for blackboard and webmail

    • user name for dial-in access

    • your default password is the last 4 digits of your student number and the last 4 digits of your social security number

This is a sample passwordYours will be different!

Finding your user name3
Finding Your User Name

  • If you are not successful an “I am sorry page” will be displayed.

  • Check the Student ID number entered.

  • If it is correct, contact the network administrator at 810-762-0467

Opening webmail
Opening Webmail

  • Open a browser window

  • Enter the following url in the address bar


  • Enter your user name

  • Enter your password

    • The default is the last 4 digits ofof your student number and the last 4 digits of your social security number

  • Click Login

Reading your webmail
Reading Your Webmail

  • You have three column headings:

    • From, Date, Subject

    • From: Who is mail fromDate: Day mail receivedSubject: What is mail about

  • Click the subject to open your mail

If you do not know who the mail is from or the subject line has unusual character or subject DO NOT OPEN – Delete the email.

Reading your webmail1
Reading Your Webmail

  • Once the email is open and you have read it. You have several choices.

    • Go back to the message list

    • Delete the email

    • Read the Previous or Next Email

    • Forward the email

    • Forward as an attachment

    • Reply to the sender

    • Reply to all

Responding to an email
Responding to an email

  • To respond to an email you have several options.

  • The “Reply” sends it back to the sender

  • The “Reply All” sends it to everyone who received the email and the sender

  • Forward sends to someone else

  • Forward as an attachment –

    • Packages the email and attaches the email to a new email.

Responding to an email1
Responding to an email

  • When you click any of the reply or forward you get a composing window.

    • To: the persons email address

    • CC: Carbon Copy

    • BCC: Blind Carbon Copyaddresses can not see other email recipients

  • When finished click Send to send or Draft to save for later

Managing your email
Managing Your Email

  • Saving mail to a folder

    • Create a folder

      • Click on folder

      • Give the folder a name

      • This folder can contain other folders (if so click “Let folder contain subfolders)

      • Or be a subfolder (if so choose the folder to put this folder in)

      • Once you create a folder click the “refresh folder list” to see your folder

Managing your email1
Managing Your Email

  • To move the mail to the folder click on the box in front of the mail and in the “Move Selected To” drop-down choose the folder where you want the email to go

  • To delete email without reading or a group of email, click the box for all mail you would like to delete and then click Delete

    • Your email will not be immediately deleted, you will notice (Purge) next to the trash.

    • Clicking the purge will remove the email from your trash folder

  • Keeping your email managed will help to eliminate slow start-up with Webmail