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  1. Venezuela Elicia Bilyeu

  2. Venezuela is located at the top of South America.

  3. The main religion of Venezuela is Roman Catholic but they have a wide variety of other religions too. The Spaniards conquered Venezuela. When they conquered it they were trying to spread the religion and beliefs of roman catholic. The main language of Venezuela is Spanish.

  4. Food and clothing Pabellon criolo- this is the national dish it is made up of – shredded beef, black beans , and cheese served with rice and fried plantain. Lengua de res- cow tongue served in a vinaigrette. Chevo al coco- shredded goat cooked in coconut milk. Served with mofongo which is fried mashed green bananas. Liquiliqui- traditional dress for men. It is an all white suit with a high neck line. Most of the time people in Venezuela just wear summer time clothes because of the climate.

  5. Government, economy, and employment Venezuela has a democracy led by a president and a 2 house legislature . They have a limited government. Venezuela has a normal economy . They have a lot of oil reserves and they are the chief oil suppliers to the U.S. Before the oil industries they had to rely on agriculture. Since the oil industries they have had a boost in their economy and less people farm and more people are in the oil industry.

  6. Relation with us • Venezuela is not one of our friends. Their president, Hugo Chavez, has planned an independence course, often in defiance of the U.S.

  7. Land forms and landmarks Venezuela has everything from rainforests to deserts including: rainforests , mountains, plains, and deserts. The highest rainforest in the world, angel falls, is located in Venezuela.

  8. History and ethnic groups • When the Spaniards explored Venezuela they found its many rivers and canals and it reminded them of Venice, Italy. Venezuela means little Venice. One of the main ethnic groups in Venezuela in Spanish because Venezuela was founded and explored Venezuela.