whs ninth grade parent night l.
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WHS Ninth Grade Parent Night PowerPoint Presentation
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WHS Ninth Grade Parent Night

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WHS Ninth Grade Parent Night - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WHS Ninth Grade Parent Night
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  1. WHS Ninth Grade Parent Night

  2. Unique Challenges of the 9th Grade • Transition • Larger campus • New social groups • Organization - Longer, more involved assignments • Long Term planning - College

  3. The Counselor’s Role • Academic • College • Career • Personal/Social

  4. How do I contact my counselor? • Your student can sign up for an appointment in the Counseling Office or drop by at lunch (except Thursdays) or after school • Call to schedule an appointment or a phone conference: 310-533-4299 • Mrs. Garcia (A-He) tgarcia@tusd.org x7609 Mr. Drasner (Hi-Ne) pdrasner@tusd.org x7702 Mrs. Barricklow (Ng-Z) tbarricklow@tusd.org x7612

  5. Counseling Services • Naviance • Torrance Juvenile Diversion Counseling • Career Speakers • College Representative Visits • Grade Level Parent Nights

  6. How do I find out how my student is doing in class? • Contacting the teacher by email or phone • Parent Connect • Quarterly and semester report cards • Progress Reports – Posted on Parent Connect every 5th week if student is receiving a D or F grade or a U in citizenship. • Weekly Progress Reports (student generated) *Available in the Counseling Office and on WHS website.

  7. What do I do if my student is having difficulty? • Student can get help from teacher • Parent-Teacher Conference • Tutorial Center Open Monday-Thursday at Lunch and After School from 3-4pm in the Library.

  8. Communication • Naviance: http://connection.naviance.com/westhigh • West High website: www.whs.tusd.org • Teacher Websites • Grade Level Parent Nights • Back-to-School Night • Principal’s and PTSA Newsletter • College Fair – District College Fair at North High on February 26th from 10am – 2 pm

  9. Parent – Teacher Communication • Why? Questions or concerns regarding your student’s progress in class. • How? By email or phone (contact information on WHS website) • When? As soon as you have a concern – do not wait!

  10. School Policies • Tardies - 4 or more per quarter = U in citizenship • Truancies • Academic Honesty Policy - Automatic U in citizenship and 0 on assignment - Cheating referrals may affect local scholarships in senior year

  11. All absences must be cleared either by note or phone call within 48 hours. The note must clearly state the reason for the absence, date of the absence, and a contact phone number. Absences not cleared within 48 hours will result in a truant and a Saturday detention. Attendance Procedures

  12. Attendance Procedures (cont.) • You will receive an automatic phone call when your student is absent for any reason. • An off campus pass is needed when a student needs to leave school during the school day. A note from a parent/guardian including a phone number to verify information is required.

  13. Student Involvement on Campus • Freshman Focus • Athletic Teams • Clubs

  14. Freshman Focus • Juniors and Seniors visit freshman classes during the Fall (once per month) to inform students about activities, clubs, ASB, athletics and other ways of getting involved on campus.

  15. Athletic Teams • All athletes meet with their team during 6th period. Students must tryout for most teams prior to the season and maintain a 2.0 GPA and satisfactory citizenship.

  16. Clubs • There are approximately 50 clubs on our campus. Students are encouraged to find a few clubs of interest and maintain involvement throughout high school. See club list on WHS website. • Club Rush took place today at lunch

  17. High School Graduation Requirements • 220 total credits in the required subjects. An average of 60 credits per year • Six semesters of excellent or satisfactory citizenship • Students also need to pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE – English and Math)

  18. Graduation Requirements • English 40 credits • Social Science 30 credits including: World History 10; US History 10; Gov’t 5; Econ 5 • Mathematics 20 credits • Science 20 credits including: Physical 10; Biological 10 • Health 5 credits • Foreign Language or VPA 10 credits • Physical Education 20 credits • Electives 75 credits

  19. What if my student falls behind? • Summer School • Hamilton Adult School (16 years old or a Junior) • SoCal ROC – elective credit only (15 years old or a sophomore) • Online Options • Community College

  20. Summer School Options • South Bay Enrichment Academy (SBEA) Tuition based program for enrichment or to make up a D or F grade • Community College Open to 11th and 12th grade students (permission needed if younger) • Online Classes Tuition based Must obtain counselor approval prior to enrolling

  21. Tips for Success • Aim for a high GPA • Take challenging courses • Take the PSAT on October 16th • Get Organized! Obtain a student planner or personal organizer. Available in the Student Activities office for $10 (Rm 4139) • Create a personal resume file on Naviance • Get to know your teachers and counselor

  22. Community College • High School diploma or 18 years of age • To prepare to transfer to a four-year college or university • Wide choice of programs to enter a career or technical field • Local, inexpensive option to continue education • The SAT or ACT is not required for admission

  23. Public Universities UC www.universityofcalifornia.edu Cal State University www.csumentor.edu Out of State Private Universities Numerous choices throughout the U.S. Association of Independent California of Colleges and University: www.aiccu.edu 4-Year Colleges and Universities

  24. A-G Requirements for College Entrance • A. History and Social Science (2 years) • B. English (4 years) • C. Mathematics (2 years, 3 years recommended) • D. Science (2 year Lab Science, 3 years recommended) • E. Foreign Language (2 years, 3 years recommended) • F. Visual and Performing Arts (1 year) • G. College Prep Elective (1 year)

  25. Other Requirements and Tips for College Entrance • SAT Reasoning or ACT with Writing • SAT Subject Tests (no longer required for UC admission) • Choose challenging and rigorous courses • Community Service • No “D” grades accepted • Repeated grades will be calculated into GPA

  26. Other Post Secondary Options • Career & Technical Education • Military • Workforce

  27. Questions?