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Second Grade Parent Night

Second Grade Parent Night. Helping All To Succeed. Meet the Second Grade Team. Amy Piner Carmen Rivenburg Jessica White Tamara Boxler Jane Huntley Lynn Avoli. Communication is the Key!. Newsletters Website Phone Calls

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Second Grade Parent Night

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  1. Second Grade Parent Night Helping All To Succeed

  2. Meet the Second Grade Team Amy Piner Carmen Rivenburg Jessica White Tamara Boxler Jane Huntley Lynn Avoli

  3. Communication is the Key! • Newsletters • Website • Phone Calls • Notes (Be sure to send notes for transportation changes and absences) • Email • Monday Folder • Updated Emergency Cards

  4. Attention All Car Riders • We have implemented a new policy for car riders • All car riders must be signed out before leaving school • If you are planning to pick your child up early from school please arrive by 2:40.

  5. Homework Policy • Daily homework is written in student planner. • Students are expected to complete homework neatly. • Homework should be returned to school each day.

  6. Homework Schedule • Monday: Word Study and Read 15 minutes • Tuesday: Word Study and Read 15 Minutes • Wednesday: Math, review words, read 15 minutes • Thursday: Word Study and Read 15 minutes • Friday: Have Fun!!!!

  7. Student Expectations • Respect • Responsibility • Fairness • Trustworthiness • Citizenship • Caring

  8. Student Behavior Plan • Tickets will be used as a positive reinforcement. However, tickets may be taken away due to student expectations not being met. • Each Friday students will be able to spend tickets earned throughout the week at the second grade store.

  9. Parent Volunteers • Second grade store every Friday morning • Donations for second grade store • Classroom Helpers • Field Trips • Children’s Art Network • Winter Program

  10. Field Trips • Theatre IV *Frederick Douglass and Honest Abe *Tuesday, January 30th @ 10:30 *Bridgewater College

  11. Health and Fitness • Each child should bring a healthy treat for daily snack (fruit, vegetables, yogurt, cereal bars, dry cereal, trail mix, cheese and crackers, peanut butter crackers, peanuts, popcorn, fruit juice, apple slices and water are suggested) • Cookies, cakes and candy should be avoided. • We suggest that each child exercise 30 minutes or more outside before completing homework.

  12. Reading • Reading Their Way 1:00-2:30 every day • Please try to have your child in school until 2:30 everyday. The end of the day is a very crucial part of your child’s education. • Each class has been divided into two groups • 45 minutes small group instruction in the classroom (reading, word study, and writing) • 45 minutes small group instruction with a reading extension teacher (reading skills, word study, writing, grammar, and technology)

  13. Reading • Each child has been assigned a reading book that will be used primarily on Monday and Tuesday • Leveled books will be assigned throughout the rest ofthe week. The leveled books have a designated green, red, or blue star.

  14. Word Study Notebook • Some teachers are experimenting with a word study notebook this year. • Each child will be given two lists of words on Monday. (One list will be sent home in the Monday Folder and the other list will be kept at school.) • Inside the front cover of the notebook is a list of word study activities. • On the inside of the back cover each notebook has a pocket or baggie for safe traveling of the words. • The notebook must come to school every day. • Only word study activities should be completed in the notebook. • Please talk with your child about the importance of being neat and organized.

  15. Reading S.O.L ‘s • Phonetic strategies • Learning how to use information in a story to help when reading • Sentence Structure • Story Structure and Sequence • Reading Fiction and Non-Fiction • Reading with fluency and expression • Comprehension

  16. WritingS.O.L ‘s • Transition from print to cursive • Be able to write a story with a beginning, middle and end • Correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spelling

  17. Social StudiesS.O.L’s • China • Egypt • American Indians • Community Life • Map skills • Continents • Economics • Citizenship • Famous Americans

  18. ScienceS.O.L ‘s • Matter (Solids, Liquids, Gases) • Magnets • Living Things (Plants, Frogs, Butterflies) • Habitats • Weather • Seasonal Patterns

  19. Math S.O.L ‘s • Place value • Comparing Numbers (less than, greater than, equal to) • Ordinal Numbers • Fractions • Counting forward by twos, fives, and tens • Addition and Subtraction facts • Graphs and Tables • Related Facts • Money • Measurement • Time • Geometry • Probability and Statistics • Patterns and Functions

  20. Community Project • Please be on the look out in your child’s planner for the correct due date for the Community Project. • Friday, September 15th • Monday, September 18th

  21. Community Project Guidelines • Choose a building in your community • House, church, school, post office, local dump, grocery store or a restaurant. • No larger than a half gallon milk carton. • Cereal boxes and shoe boxes would also be great to use. • Write 3 sentences naming the building and its uses in the community.

  22. Questions????

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