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9th Grade Parent Night

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9th Grade Parent Night. Freshman Focus 2014 Extracurricular & Community Involvement. NHS Counselors. A-Car – Sheneka Davis Cas-F – Mike Hays G-I – Brenda Evans J- Mh – Cayce Feemster Mi-Res – Amber Ward Ret -Th – Keith Tremethick Ti-Z – Jamie Farber , Lead . Grade Classification.

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9th grade parent night

9th GradeParent Night

Freshman Focus 2014


nhs counselors
NHS Counselors
  • A-Car – Sheneka Davis
  • Cas-F – Mike Hays
  • G-I – Brenda Evans
  • J-Mh – Cayce Feemster
  • Mi-Res – Amber Ward
  • Ret-Th – Keith Tremethick
  • Ti-Z – Jamie Farber, Lead
grade classification
Grade Classification
  • Promotion to 10th Grade = 6 credits
  • Promotion to 11th Grade = 13 credits
  • Promotion to 12th Grade = 19 credits
gpa class rank
GPA & Class Rank
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) starts the semester a studentenrolls in a course eligible for HS creditthrough the final semester of 12th grade.
  • Class rankmeasures performance compared to all students in the class. It begins the first semester of 9th grade and continues until graduation.
  • Reported GPA isunweighted.
  • Class Rank isweighted.
    • The level of coursework (i.e. Pre/AP and AP courses) isfactored in the weighted class ranking
gpa class rank cont
GPA & Class Rank, cont.
  • Un-weighted GPA – all courses are weighted on a 4.0 scale
  • Weighted GPA – courses are assigned grade points according to rigor; weighted on a 6.0 scale (PreAP) or a 7.0 scale (AP). Weighted GPA determines class rank.
  • GPA exempt courses – correspondence, credit by exams, and summerschool for remediation
  • Weightedelective courses
    • Beginningwith the class of 2015, onlyweightedelectives in the four coresubject areas and world languageswill count toward GPA and class rank.
attendance requirements
  • Students must attend class at least 90% of the time in order to receivecreditearned for a course
  • There willbeopportunities to make up attendanceshouldstudentsfallbelow 90%
  • Assistant principalswillbe able to assistwith an attendanceredemption plan
graduation programs
Graduation Programs

The Recommended Program:

  • 26 Credits
    • 4 English
    • 4 Math
    • 4 Science
    • 4 Social Studies
    • 2 World Languages (samelanguage)
      • Spanish, French, or German
    • 1 PhysicalEducation
    • 1 Fine Art
      • Art, Choir, Dance, TheatreArts, and more
    • ½ Credit of Communication Applications or Professional Communications (Speech)
    • 5 ½ Electives
graduation programs cont
Graduation Programs, cont.
  • The Distinguished Program:
    • Designed for studentswhowant to achievebeyond the state recommended graduation requirements
    • Criteria for the DistinguishedAchievement Program
      • Meet all requirements of the Recommended Graduation Program
      • Requires 3 credits of a World Language
      • Obtain a combination of 4 of the followingadvancedmeasures or throughindependentresearchproject
        • AP classes with scores of 3 or higher on the AP Exam
        • National MeritCommendation (PSAT)
        • College courses must earn a B or higher
texas scholars
Texas Scholars

The Texas Scholars Program focusesstudents on education and career planning during middle and high school and preparesthem for the transition to life after high school. Studentswhograduate as Texas Scholars are recognized for completing the rigorouscourseworkrequired by the Texas Business and Education Coalition.

To become a Texas Scholar:

1. Complete the Recommended or DistinguishedAchievement Program

2. Complete at least twocreditseligible for collegecredit (AP or dual credit)

3. Participate in a minimum of one high schoolextracurricularactivity for

twoconsecutiveyearsduring high school.

4. Passeverysemester of all high schoolcore classes.

staar testing calendar 2013 2014
STAAR Testing Calendar 2013-2014
  • Dec. 2 - 6

– Makeup testing

  • March 31

– English I

  • April 1

– English II

  • May 5 - 9
    • Algebra I, Biology, US History
college admissions criteria
College Admissions Criteria
  • Criteria important in the college admissions processrated by college admissions officers:
    • GPA
    • Class Rank
    • Strength of Course (PreAP, AP, and dual credit courses)
    • ACT/SAT Scores
    • Essay or writingsample
  • Otherpotentialfactors for college admissions
    • Recommendations
    • Special talents/awards
    • Extracurricular/community service activities
    • Interviews
top 10 rule for admissions
Top 10% Rule for Admissions
  • Graduate in the top 10% of class at a public or private Texas high school, or
  • Graduate in the top 10% of class from a HS operated by the US Dept of Defense and be a Texas resident or eligible to payresidenttuition
  • Enroll in college no more thantwoyearsafter graduation; and
  • Submit an application to the Texas public university for admission before the institution’s application deadline (check w/universityregardingspecific deadlines)
    • Under legislationapproved May 2009 by the Texas House as part of the 81st Regular Session (Senate Bill 175), UT Austin (no other state university) wasallowed to trim the number of studentsitacceptsunder the 10% rule; UT Austin couldlimitthosestudents to 75% of entering in-state freshmenfrom Texas. The universitywould admit the top 1%, 2%, and soforthuntil the cap isreached, beginningwith the 2011 entering class.
strength of course
Strength of Course
  • Pre-Ap and AP Program Benefits
      • Studentswhofollow a Pre-AP/AP program in school tend to performbetter in college
      • More challenging courses
      • Potential to earncollegecredit by taking an AP exam at the end of the course
      • Colleges and scholarshipcommitteesdesirestudentswhocompletePre-AP/AP courses
psat sat act
  • PreliminaryScholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT)

- A standard test measuringcriticalreading, math, problem

solving and writingskills important for success in college

- Available for 9th, 10th, and 11th grades

- Providesfirsthand practice for the SAT Reasoning Test

- National MeritScholarship programs, based on 11th grade


  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) & American College Test (ACT)

- The majority of colleges, univerisities, and scholarship

commmitteestake the scores of theseassessmentsinto


- Begin taking one or bothduring 11th grade, springsemester

freshman focus 2014 extracurricular community involvement
Freshman Focus 2014Extracurricular & CommunityInvolvement

Community service and extracurricularactivitiesplay an important rolewithcolleges and scholarshipcommittees.

  • Becomeinvolved in school and communityactivitiesnow – don’twaituntilyour senior year
  • Seekactivities and opportunities relative to your future career plans
  • Visit the Northwest High School Counseling website for volunteer and community service activities
  • Start an activities record including all school and communityactivities, leadership positions, honors, awards, uniques educationalexperiences, employment, and volunteerwork.
  • THE BIG EVENT! April 5, 2014
    • Be sure to update this record at least once a year.
freshman focus 2014 extracurricular community involvement1
Freshman Focus 2014Extracurricular & Community Involvement


to do list for college admissions 9th grade
To Do List for College Admissions 9th Grade
  • Study: grades are reported on your permanent transcript
  • Select challenges classes
  • Explore extracurricularinterests and volunteerwork
  • Start an activities record listing honors, awards, and activities
  • Take the PSAT
  • Start a collegesavingsaccount
  • Visitcollegewebsites and campuses
  • Researchcollege information
    • Visit the NHS Counseling website for helpfulresources
paying for college
Paying for College

KeepingCollegeCosts Down

  • Enroll in challenging courses in high school to avoidtakingdevelopmental or remedial courses in college
  • Take AP courses and exams
  • Take dual credit courses to earncollege and high schoolcredit
credit recovery options
CreditRecovery Options
  • SummerSchool
  • Academic Coaching Program (ACP)
  • Credit by Exam

- Not available for studentswhofailed due to absences

  • Correspondence Courses through Texas Tech or UT
  • On-line Courses through TXVSN
  • Averaging of semester grades

-If 1st and 2ndsemester grades average 70 or higher, a failing 1st or 2ndsemestercreditmayberecovered

credits for acceleration
Credits for Acceleration
  • SummerSchool
  • Credit by Exam
  • Correspondence Courses through Texas Tech or UT
  • On-line Courses through TXVSN
tips for parents
Tips for Parents
  • Discuss classes and set goals
  • Be available to help withhomework
  • Monitor yourchild’sactivitiesand jobs
  • Workwithyourschool
    • Contact the teacher if you do not receive a progress report for a specific class or the school if you do not receive a report card
    • Teacher contact information canbefound on the NHS website or by calling


    • For questions or concernsregarding a specific class, please contact

the schooldirectly