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Ninth Grade Parent Meeting

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Ninth Grade Parent Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ninth Grade Parent Meeting. Walter Johnson High School September 9, 2013. If I could go back to freshman year, I wish I would have... (advice from Upperclassmen). “... realized how much my grades mattered. My GPA isn’t where I want it to be because of my grades in 9 th grade .”

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Ninth Grade Parent Meeting

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    1. Ninth Grade Parent Meeting Walter Johnson High School September 9, 2013

    2. If I could go back to freshman year, I wish I would have... (advice from Upperclassmen) • “...realized how much my grades mattered. My GPA isn’t where I want it to be because of my grades in 9thgrade.” • “...been less afraid to talk to my teachers and ask for help.” • “...started my SSL hours! I kept putting it off and now I have 45 hours to do during my senior year.” • “...joined Band even though none of my friends were doing it. I wouldn’t have been afraid to do something different. • “...known that my friendships would change so much. It was hard drifting apart from some old friends, but it’s worked out okay.” • “...done my homework! Those little 5- and 10-point assignments can really make or break your grade.” • “...actually used my agenda book. I always thought I could remember my homework without writing it down.”

    3. Your 9th Grader • Bigger School • More Students (and some are VERY big) • More Freedom and Independence • More Course Choices • Higher class expectations and more rigorous courses • More demands after school with athletics and extracurricular activities • Physical Changes • One minute they want their family security, the next they want to do things on their own.

    4. We are here to help! Walter Johnson High School Counselor Assignments 2013-2014 (9th Grade) A-B Ms. Erika Murray C-D Ms. Christine Hernandez E-Fn Ms. Jodi Edmunds Fo-H Mr. Joe Adegboyega-Edun I-Lh Ms. Lisa Sorensen Li-M Mr. Reynolds N-Rh Mr. Joe Thompson Ri-S Ms. Julie Kim T-Z Ms. Nancy Blanco

    5. What is the Role of My Counselor? To help facilitate your student’s academic and social growth and plan for post-secondary options. In other words…to help them navigate and survive high school and graduate with a plan!!

    6. How Can My Student’s Counselor Help? • Give organizational/time management/study tips • How to handle a tough ninth grade course load & other transition issues. • Help students and parents access in-school tutoring and private tutoring • Through MSP, NHS, FLHS, Tutor File • Subject specific or test prep & study skills. • Facilitate parent-teacher meetings • Before school or after school. • Should include student and is solution-focused in nature. • Provide information on community resources • Individual/family counseling; issue specific (anxiety, depression, substance abuse).

    7. How Do I Access MY Counselor? Anyway you can!!! This means: • Set appointment times • Email • Before/after school • During lunch • Drop-ins (for emergencies)

    8. A typical day for a High School Counselor … ACADMEIC~PERSONAL~COLLEGE/CAREER • Writing a college letter of recommendation • Helping a student choose what course to take • Facilitating a parent teacher conference • Comforting a student upset about… • Consulting with a teacher or other professional • Giving a class presentation • And much, much, more…

    9. What’s the Most Common “Thing” We Do? (No- it’s not change schedules!) It’s building them year after year… Most of our contact with students is academic in nature and revolves around discussing course selection as it relates to student interests and college/career choices. A “close second” is helping students when they are struggling in a class (how to access help, approach teacher, find resources).

    10. Other Folks in Counseling Who Will Help You Along the Way • Ms. Moreland- Counseling Services Administrative Secretary • Ms. Matos- Registrar • Ms. Evans- College & Career Information Coordinator (CCIC)/Student Service Learning Coordinator • Ms. Gahl- College Application Coordinator

    11. Remember… We are the 411 of Walter Johnson. If you need a question answered or a resource located, start with your school counselor!

    12. Mr. James T. Heintze, Administrator for Class of 2017

    13. Make a Connection to WJ… Find something positive to become involved with: • Tryout for a team (Junior Varsity/Varsity) • Join one of our 100+ clubs (athletic, social, special interest, academic, etc.) • Attend games, concerts, plays, and other events • Involve yourself in student leadership activities (run for office, help with class activities) • ANYTHING!!!!! Just be involved…

    14. Benefits of Being Involved • You’ll find new friends & expand your social circle. Who knows who you’ll meet? • Explore your physical, creative, social, political, and career interests…maybe even connect with a kid in your class (from another middle school) whom you’ve never spoken to! • Earn some SSL Hours!

    15. Honors Courses • Rigorous instruction for students who are motivated to challenge themselves. • Open enrollment policy for those students willing to make a commitment. • Many students are asked to take this challenge mid-year (some mid-quarter) through mid-year moves. • Honors courses add a quality point to the overall GPA- this provides the “weighted GPA”.

    16. Advanced Placement (AP) • Rigorous college-level courses (30+ offered at WJ) • AP Exam taken at end of course in May. • College credit may be earned, depending on AP test score and institution.

    17. Required Testing • Students entering 9th Grade in 2013-2014 will need to take the Algebra HSA, Biology HSA, & Government HSA. • For these students, in 10th and 11th grade, they will also take PARCC Geometry or Algebra 2, PARCC English 10, PARCC English 11

    18. PSAT • Will be given Wednesday, October 16, 2013. • All 9th graders will take a “mock” PSAT administered by Revolution Prep. • It is an opportunity for practice and gain exposure to the test format, as well as determine strengths and areas to “brush up” on. • Scores are used to help identify students who can be “pushed” a little more.

    19. Questions?