the lost boys and girls
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The Lost Boys and Girls

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The Lost Boys and Girls. Refugees of Sudanese Civil War By William Chea, Joel Lopez, and Akeel St.Vil April, 28, 2009. The Country. Sudan is the largest country (land) in Africa. It has a population of 41 million.

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the lost boys and girls

The Lost Boys and Girls

Refugees of Sudanese Civil War

By William Chea, Joel Lopez, and Akeel St.Vil

April, 28, 2009

the country
The Country

Sudan is the largest country (land) in Africa.

It has apopulation of 41 million.

The Ethnic groups: 52% black, 39% Arab, 6% Beja (Afro-Asiatic) , and 3% other.

The Arabic population mostly resides in northern Sudan and makes up most of the government . The black population lives mostly in Southern Sudan.

the crisis
The Crisis

In the Early 1980’s a civil war sparked between the government of Sudan and supporting militia’s against the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA).

the people
The People

Government Soldiers and militias supported by the government began to attack villages all across southern Sudan in hope of weeding out the SPLA.

  • Since the start of the civil war 1.9 million people have died in southern Sudan and the Nuba mountains. Another 200 thousand to 300 thousand have been killed in the region of Darfur
the displacement
The Displacement

Over 1 million people fled to refugee camps in bordering Ethiopia in the early years of the conflict

In present day Khartoum refugee camp is now the world’s largest refugee camp with 2.2 million displaced people living there.

what s been done
What’s been done?

Many NGO (non governmental organizations ) and governments around the world have stepped in to try and help the displaced of Sudan. Such groups as the Lost Boy’s Foundation have helped over4,000 Sudanese young men and women (mostly young men) settle in the United States.

Due to Humanitarian work in Sudan access to clean water stands at 76% of the population , a 15% increase from 19 years ago. In the Darfur region primary school enrollment has increased by 516 thousand in 2006 to more than 976 thousand in 2008. (UNICEF)

how you can help
How you can help

Donate to NGO’s such as UNICEF, and Save Darfur that increase peoples quality of life within Sudan.

  • You can also help by just talking about crisis such as this or holding rallies about crises to raise awareness. Talk it up with your friends and family. Awareness is the key.