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The Lost Boys

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Your HPE class is practising Orienteering and you and your partner have gotten lost in the bush. Make your way back to the school before the sun sets. Remember to use all your skills t hat you have been taught during lessons. . The Lost Boys.

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the lost boys

Your HPE class is practising Orienteering and you and your partner have gotten lost in the bush. Make your way back to the school before the sun sets. Remember to use all your skills that you have been taught during lessons.

The Lost Boys

To navigate through this story use the arrows that indicate compass directions. If you need to go back to this home page, click on the house in the top left corner at anytime. Click on the map to start the adventure.



You look your partner in the eye and decide to look in your back pack for any resources you have. You find a rope, a compass and a note that your teacher left you. But a big gust of wind has come and blown your note away. Use your compass to find the note, choose which direction the wind has taken it.





The only things here are big boulders, much too high to try and climb. Your only option is to turn around.



Trek through the thorns

You stumble upon a field of thorns and tall grass. But you think you see the note in a tree up ahead.

Tell your partner to go first

Go Back

Look for an alternative rout around the thorns


Search for another passing further up

Piggy back them across the stream

There is no note here, only a river stream. Your partner has just told you that he is afraid of leeches in the stream and does not want to cross it.

Go Back

Leave your partner and cross the stream yourself


The sun starts to set and you realise that your partner has the back pack with your only supplies. You start to panic realising that you cannot make it back without your partners help. You try to call out for them but they are no where to be found. You do not make it back to the school. Than you see the flashing lights of a rescue helicopter and they take you to safety.


Forget the note and continue on the track

Tell your partner to climb the tree

Climb the tree to grab the note

You stumble across a faint bush walking track and you see the note stuck in a tree.



Read the half you have

You start to climb the tree and almost slip but manage to hold on to a branch and grab the note. But it looks like you only have half of the note.

Continue on the track you found


Save reading the note until it is complete


Put the note in your pocket and brace your partner as they limp up the track

Your partner does not like the idea of them climbing the tree but they do what you say. They start climbing the tree but their foot slips and they fall hard on the ground breaking their leg.

Read the note and tend to their wound afterwards


Forget them and continue by yourself



The note does not have enough information to understand, so keeping it safe in your pocket you and your partner continue down the path. But the track has faded out. Time to use that compass again. Your partner remembers that your teacher said the school is near a large tree with many branches.





Go back

You and your partner deicide that the note would contain some very important information on it and you need to go back to retrieve it.


Complete the note and read what the teacher said

The sun is going down and you fear that there is not much time left. Time to speed things up. You start to run but you put your foot in a hole in the ground and roll your ankle. As you pull your foot out of the hole you notice the other half of the note wedged in the hole. You grab it out.



The note says, “students, do not forget that the school is near a big tree with many branches. Keep using your compasses to guide you and when you look up at the trees, and see a shape of an eagle in the clearing than the school is very close.”





Sneak quietly past the nest

Hit the nest with a big stick

Using the teachers advise you continue to look up into the tree to try and spot the eagle shape in the clearing. As you are looking up you see a bee’s nest and you can hear them humming.

Run past the nest

Scream and throw your hands in the air while running past the nest


You awaken the bees and they come swarming out their nest and start stinging you. The sun is setting now and you have not made it back to the school. You and your partner curl up against a tree and admit defeat. Than you see the flashing lights of a rescue helicopter and they take you to safety.



You can still hear the bees humming so you run to put as much distance between you and the bees as possible. You and your partner stop to catch your breath again some trees and the soon to be setting sun shines in your eyes. You look and see the eagle shaped clearing.

Leap for joy

Dance with joy

Read the note again


Use the rope to swing over a tree branch to escape

Your partner reminds you of the big tree that is close to the school and to keep looking for it and that the sun is setting. As you are being told this you exclaim that you see the tree and begin to run towards it. But you stop immediately because there is a sign that explains the sand around your feet. You have just run into quick sand.



Start saying your prayers


You and your partner had come so far but the quick sand is up to your belly now and you realise that you may not make it out alive. But you see the flashing light of a rescue helicopter and they take you to safety.


Build a tree house and live there

You swing out of the quick sand just in time and throw the rope back over to your partner so they can cross. You both run to the tree. It looks much bigger in real life. Your partners exclaims that you are so close to school. The roots of the tree are so large, some are even taller than you.

Climb up and back down the tree

Go around tree

Climb over the roots


You realise that you miss your family and all of your school friends and decide you should reconsider living in a tree house.

Go back


You and your partner stumble past the big tree and out onto the school ground, safe. You both want to just run across the school grounds and into the arms of your fellow students. You all watch the sun set over the school. Realising the struggle is over and you are finally out of harms way.