can we afford losing talents in europe n.
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Can we afford losing talents in Europe? PowerPoint Presentation
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Can we afford losing talents in Europe?

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Can we afford losing talents in Europe? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Can we afford losing talents in Europe?. Jerzy M Langer Academia Europaea, London, Inst Phys, Polish Acad Sci , Warsaw. Excellence in Research, Aarhus , Denmark, April, 2012. European decline, why? . Phd grad ths EU-27 100 US 52

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can we afford losing talents in europe

Can we afford losing talents in Europe?

Jerzy M Langer

Academia Europaea, London,

Inst Phys, Polish AcadSci, Warsaw

Excellence in Research, Aarhus, Denmark, April, 2012

european decline why
European decline, why?

Phd grad ths EU-27 100 US 52

In S&E 40 19

Patents/mlninh EU-27 117 US 106

Publications 38% 31%


  • The EU contributes less than the US to high-impact publications
  • The EU is not specialised in the most dynamic research disciplines
  • Most Nobel Prize winners come from the USA (expats and emigrants)
  • Highest impact technologies come from the USA
  • Highest ranked universities are in the USA


  • Largest growth in HE and S&T is in Asia and Brasil !!!
frederick emmons terman
Frederick Emmons Terman

Hewlett and Packard

& oscillator

Varian brothers

& klystron


terman principle and the outcome
Termanprinciple and theoutcome

„steeples of excellence”

“academic prestige depends on high but narrow steeples of academic excellence, it is not possible to cover all the bases.”

(excellence + focus)

Steeples – high churchtower

students in europe the source
Students in Europe – the source

5 mln students in EU -10 (NMS)

oecd data 2007

Number of S&T students 1993-2003; average annual change



Europe cries for thehugeoutflow of youngeducatedEuropeans to the USA, but

MC fellows net flowshowsthe same but inside Europe

danger of a two speed europe
Danger of a two-speed Europe


Networks of Excellence

european institute of technology
EuropeanInstituteof Technology

Excellence calls for model organisations. That is why Europe needs a strong European Institute of Technology – an organisation whose mission would be to bring together the brightest minds and the best businesses and to disseminate the results throughout Europe.JOSÉ MANUELBARROSO

urgent need to rethink eu strategy
Urgentneed to rethink EU strategy

ERC success reveals all flaws and deficiencies of European science scene

There is a major challenge for less wealthy and developed countries

Finland & Israel showed that it is possible – trust in human abilities and invest wisely in the knowledge-basedfuture

European solidarity is a must to avoid intellectual deserts in Europe (cohesion + research & education policy across Europe)

csf a great chance
CSF – a great chance

EU CSF+ budget

EU -27 MS R&D state budgets

but long term strategy needed
But long term strategyneeded

Europe must be more ambitious and coherent.

Europe must offer younger researchers serious careers in Europe, also not far from home.

Unless we create the European dream, the American dream will still win


Dannebrog messages

My 4 Danish private lessons

on excellence


H. Ch. Andersen tales




Niels Bohr Copenhagenschool

Excellencein science

createsknowledege & community



Excellencein business




Excellencein design & manufacturing

buildsconfidence and creativity