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Genealogy Cloud Summary PowerPoint Presentation
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Genealogy Cloud Summary

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Genealogy Cloud Summary
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Genealogy Cloud Summary

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  1. A new service offered by OneGreatFamily that will facilitate rapid UI development of industrial-grade applications that leverage family tree functionality by eliminating the need for backend database development, maintenance and operations

  2. Genealogy Cloud Summary • OneGreatFamily announces the immediate availability of Genealogy Cloud • A fully featured web service providing access to a web-based genealogy record keeper backend system • Provides substantial functionality not readily available in other systems • Can be configured in a number of ways to meet the needs of the developer • Ready to be used today

  3. Genealogy Cloud • All OGF products now use the API to access Genealogy Cloud • Genealogy Cloud is: • Oracle / .Net • Industrial strength • Redundant • Fully backed-up daily • Currently in discussions with several companies about adopting Genealogy Cloud • Driving considerations: • Get more backend functionality than currently have or plan to develop • Free up backend resources to focus on the frontend and marketing • Leverage ten years and millions of dollars of development time as well as the expertise of family tree experts Family Dashboard Genealogy Browser Facebook - RelativelyMe Others Coming API Genealogy Cloud

  4. Genealogy Cloud Features • Developed over 10 years with an investment of about $10,000,000 • Incorporates several proprietary breakthrough innovations that others have failed to achieve • Provides the developer with a robust set of functionality immediately • Basic Genealogy Cloud functionality • Create, read, update and delete individuals and relationships • Internationalized (Unicode)/language enabled • Privacy functionality for living individuals • Automated notifications of tree growth • Access to tree facts, insights, etc • Store photos, videos, biographies, etc • View preservation • Group architecture • Automated match • Automated merge

  5. Basic Genealogy Cloud Functionality • Based on the Gedcom 5.5 spec concepts • Individuals (Indi) • Families (Fam) • All basic functionality is provided • Create and authenticate users • For both Indi and Fam: create, read, edit, delete • Plus: Unique functionality • Submit a match request and return results • Submit a merge request and acknowledge completion • View hint and conflict data • Submit a relationship calculation request • Set an Anchor The Developer can create their own UI, but immediately have a robust back end to store all data. Developers can provide rich functionality that shared genealogy really demands.

  6. View Preservation • Every user sees their own unique view of Genealogy Cloud, including common ancestors • In the example on the right, the user has a different death date for Jack Armond Armstrong than someone else • The user sees 15 Oct 2002 • The other user sees 15 Oct 2003 • This is called a Conflict • Both see each other’s value • The user can either: • Accept the other user’s value in place of his • Ignore the other user’s value • Collaborate with the other user • Close this conflict for now and return to it after doing more research Users don’t need to agree on the data because views are always preserved; no one can alter anyone else’s data.

  7. Group Architecture • Data is tracked by Group, not just by user • Each Group has its own unique view • Group members can invite other users into their Group • Changes made by one Group member changes the view for all Group members • Users can belong to several Groups • Groups facilitate collaboration • Users can now work together • But I still have my own private view • In the example at the right, the user belongs to 6 different groups • Group (RobArmstrong) is his personal group • He shares several groups with others where they all work together • If they disagree, he still has his personal group were he can do what he wants Groups provide the best of both worlds, allowing users to collaborate but still keep their own version of the data.

  8. Automated Match • Unique system that compares every individual to every other individual in Genealogy Cloud • Proprietary Algorithm • Implementation uses relationships and vital information in the Handprint™ (see illustration to the right) • Our “secret sauce”, concocted over 9 years, is the algorithm that produces the best known automated match results in genealogy today • Tested with independent data: • We ran 2033 hand-constructed GEDCOMs consisting of 2 individuals each • Results: • False Negatives: 4.5% (False Negatives are often Hints) • False Positives: 0.25% • Identified 0.20% of the hand coded data was actually incorrect • We believe that these results are as good or better than anyone in the industry today Relationships and data in the Handprint™ forms the basis of our matching algorithm, our “secret sauce.”

  9. Automated Merge • Merger combines: • 2 people into 1 • 2 families into 1 • Merger does the hard work of maintaining View Preservation across Groups • No information is ever lost by Merger • Merger can be triggered by: • Matcher (this causes an automated merge) • Manually (the user can cause records to be merged) Merger maintains View Preservation across Groups.

  10. Genealogy Cloud Configuration Options • Two key decisions: • Do you want your own instance of the data? • Do you want automated Match/Merge on? Decisions are driven by your target audience, importance of keeping your data separate and financial considerations.

  11. Genealogy Cloud Pricing • All deals will be negotiated, but there are a few considerations: • If a separate instance is involved, our cost will be significantly higher because of added hardware and software, especially Oracle costs • We are open to creative licensing deals based on revenues • We understand the potential need for and are willing to incorporate some custom development into the license • We have a free use option that offers limited functionality as long as we can market full functionality to users

  12. Genealogy Cloud is Ready Today! • Authentication LoginSearch SearchByName SearchIndividual IndiRead IndiCreateUpdate IndiLock IndiUnlock IndiAddToExistingIndiAsRelation IndiDelete Family FamRead FamCreateUpdate FamLock FamUnlock Match FamCompare IndiCompare MatchNowMerge FamMerge IndiMergeSeparate FamSeparate IndiSeparateGedcom GedcomUpload GedcomUploadByteArrayStatus GedStatusGet MatchStatusGet Dates DateFormat DateParsePlaces PlaceParse PlaceFormatNames NameParse NameFormatUser UserRead UserCreateUpdateGroup GroupRead GroupCreateUpdate IndiAnchorAdd IndiAnchorDelete

  13. Genealogy Cloud Summary • Genealogy Cloud opens up a new level of backend services for any application that can leverage the human family tree—not just genealogy programs • By eliminating the need to do backend application development, you can focus your resources on user experience development and marketing • By eliminating the need for backend systems support, you can reduce IT and Ops resource levels in order to focus your resources on user experience development and marketing • In short, you will be able to focus on growing your business instead of reinventing the wheel.

  14. More Information • Contact Rob Armstrong at OneGreatFamily • Phone: 801-491-0335 ext. 203 • Email: • Get a Developer ID for the sandbox: •