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Latin American Law. Genealogy . Last updated 26 Sep 11. US (ethnic) genealogy …. Latin American colonization, geography, history …. Bahamas Cuba Dominican Republic Haiti Jamaica Puerto Rico. 18 th C. 20 th C. Mexico Belize Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua

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  1. Latin American Law Genealogy Last updated 26 Sep 11

  2. US (ethnic) genealogy …

  3. Latin Americancolonization, geography, history …

  4. Bahamas Cuba Dominican Republic Haiti Jamaica Puerto Rico 18th C 20th C Mexico Belize Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua Panama Colombia “Latin America” 21st C Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador French Guiana Guyana Paraguay Peru Suriname Uruguay Venezuela 19th C

  5. IMF – liberalization Industrialization Republicanism Modernization Pre-Columbian Independence Caudillos Colonial Statism Latin American timeline … Dates for timeline?Trevor Ostbye

  6. How strong has been Catholic Church in Latin America? King vs poe? After independence? Trevor Ostbye / Keith Orgel Miscegenation common in hierarchical Latin America, but illegal the egalitarian United States TO / KO How has Brazil handled influx of immigrants? US retirees? Same-Sex spouses? Keith Orgel

  7. Juan Vicente Gomez (1857-1935) Caudillos had power but lacked legitimacy, while jurists had legitimacy but lacked power

  8. Law-reality mismatch the gap between legal principles and social reality

  9. Latin America North America Colonized Colonized Marginalized Natives Wiped out Natives Mostly Republican form of govt Republican form of govt Peonage Slavery Plenty of natural resources Plenty of natural resources Civil Wars Civil war Industrialization Industrialization Why did North America (the US) and Latin America turn out so differently?

  10. It is the reader who ultimately creates the text. Jorge Luis Borges(1899-1986)

  11. A key failure of many Latin American legal systems is seen in the faces of the millions of impoverished Latin American citizens that have been wholly abandoned, even persecuted, by their governments and laws. Miguel Schor, CONSTITUTIONALISM THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS OF LATIN AMERICA (2006) The US wealth gap and “War on Terror” make this country seem more Latin American.

  12. “Laziness and complacency are leading attributes of Iberian culture …. “Catholicism harbors a remarkable tolerance of, and perhaps even a tacit preference for, corruption and backwardness …. “Catholicism is hostile to technological advancement and rapid social change …. Lawrence Harrison, The Pan-American Dream (1997)

  13. … la América es ingobernable para nosotros, el que sirve una revolución ara en el mar, la única cosa que se puede hacer en América es emigrar [1830]“America is ungovernable. Those who serve the revolution plow the sea. All one can do is emigrate.” Simon Bolivar (1783-1830)

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  16. Percy Fawcett

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