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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education. Giving Students the Edge. CTE Introduction. Career Development Activity #14 . Team Building. Team Building. How do we become great team members? . Team Building. What teams or groups have or do you now belong to?. Team Building.

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Career and Technical Education

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  1. Career and Technical Education Giving Students the Edge

  2. CTE Introduction Career Development Activity #14 Team Building

  3. Team Building How do we become great team members?

  4. Team Building What teams or groups have or do you now belong to?

  5. Team Building Why are they considered a group or team?

  6. What is teamwork? • Teamwork - A group of people acting as one unit. • There is no “I” in “TEAMWORK”. • TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More.

  7. Becoming a Great Team? • Think about a team you have been on. • What makes a great team?

  8. Essential Skills for Teamwork • Listening - Paying attention and taking into account what is being said. • Questioning - Asking to clarify or understand. • Persuading - Trying to bring others to your point of view. • Respecting - Having regard or concern for others. • Helping - Providing assistance, information or other aid. • Sharing - Taking equal responsibility with other group members. • Participating - Take part equally in the activity.

  9. Team Project • Create a team name. Use at least 3 letters from each person’s name. • Create a T-Shirt for your team that shows your team’s personality. Make sure it includes your team name! Use all four colors given to you.

  10. Share Your Team Project • How did you come up with your name? • Explain the meaning of your T-Shirt to the rest of the group. • All team members should participate in sharing.

  11. What can we learn? • How did team members use their strengths to help the team? • How did you help each other? • How did sharing help your team be successful? • What would you do differently next time?

  12. What about me?

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