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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education. Giving Students the Edge. CTE Introduction. Career Development Activity #10. What are my values?. Let’s Play a Game. Divide into groups

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Career and Technical Education

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  1. Career and Technical Education Giving Students the Edge

  2. CTE Introduction Career Development Activity #10 What are my values?

  3. Let’s Play a Game • Divide into groups • Object of the game: Quickly trade your cards until you have two sets of four of the same cards. You score the points indicated at the top of the set of cards. The first player to get his/her two matching sets receives 30 bonus points. The player with the highest score at the end of playing time wins the game!

  4. Set Up • Choose a SCOREKEEPER. He/she will need a paper and pencil. • The first DEALER is the oldest person in the group. The job of dealer rotates to the person on the left for each round. • The dealer gives each person 8 cards. • Players put their cards into sets of same cards and decide what two sets they are trying to trade for. You may change your mind during play.

  5. Scoring the Game • At the end of each round, the scorekeeper adds the points indicated on each set of cards. • For example, “Earn Money” would be worth 12 points • Award 30 bonus points to the player who had the first two matching sets and said “Big Points!”

  6. Scoring Example • You are first to finish and you have: • Finish first +30 • “Earn Money” set +12 • “Be Famous” set +11 • TOTAL = 53 points

  7. Winning • When the teacher indicates the time is up, the player with the highest point total wins. • If players are in the middle of a round, they get the points for any sets of 4 cards they have. • If someone has declared “Big Points!” and has two sets they also get the 30 bonus points added.

  8. Have Fun! • Trade with other group members, one card at a time face down • Winning hand: 2 sets of 4 of the same cards, for example 4 “Make Money” & 4 “Be Famous” • Play until everyone has 2 matching sets • Keep score after each round

  9. Cards Represent Values • Values: aspects of our lives which are most important, and deserving of our time, money and effort.

  10. What do you value? • Preferences: Choose your personalbest option. • What works for you!

  11. Job Security Promise of long-term job benefits

  12. Relating Values to Careers Knowing your personal value preferences can help you pick a career that works for you!

  13. How do I know my preferences? • You are going to take a survey and rate the values from our card game according to your preferences. • You will rate them high, medium, or low.

  14. Use Creativity • Able to do job in your own way • Add new ideas and create new things

  15. Earn Money While participating in your career: • Your annual income: the amount of money you make in one year • Rate high if making a lot of money is important to you

  16. Help Others While participating in your career: • Helping people to live better lives • Doing something for others • Working for the good of all

  17. Work With People While participating in your career: • Dealing with patients, clients, customers, students • Doing things with others • Teaming up, sharing ideas and tasks

  18. Work Independently While participating in your career: • Flexibility in your work hours • Working at your own pace • Doing things your way • Working alone

  19. Spending Time With Family While participating in your career: • Work hours balanced with hours you can spend with family • Flexible scheduling to suit family needs

  20. Be Famous/Have Recognition While participating in your career: • Receiving honor or praise for the work you do • Having respect of others because of the quality of your work • Opportunity to advance in your work because of your hard work, dedication, and good results.

  21. Have Variety While participating in your career: • Doing many different tasks each day • Something new each day • Working in different places or settings

  22. Be In Charge/Responsibility While participating in your career: • Supervision over projects, people and duties • Accepting credit for good and bad outcomes • Making decisions and solving problems

  23. Enjoy Life While participating in your career: • Get satisfaction, fun, joy from your career • Like to go to work

  24. Have Job Security While participating in your career: • Steady or increasing need for this type of work • Risk of layoffs is low • Opportunity for promotions, increase in salary

  25. Get Training or Degree While participating in your career: • Have a college degree or technical training • Get advanced degree or training

  26. Rate the Values • Look at the 12 values and rate them 1 to 12 on the line above the description. • 1 being your most important. _____ USE CREATIVITY Write number here

  27. Bridging Values to Careers • Think about your top values and what career would relate to that • For example, being a teacher would allow more family time because you have summers off. • On the back of your sheet write a career that would relate to your top value.

  28. Sharing Your Ideas What careers did yourelate to the values?

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