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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education. Tom Seymour, PhD-Professor-Senator How To Influence Your Legislators. Your Mission Statement ACTE :: Association for Career and Technical Education. Money Media Message. Candidate Search . The Candidate Search. What Kind of Candidates are We Looking For

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Career and Technical Education

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  1. Career and Technical Education Tom Seymour, PhD-Professor-Senator How To Influence Your Legislators

  2. Your Mission StatementACTE :: Association for Career and Technical Education • Money • Media • Message

  3. Candidate Search

  4. The Candidate Search • What Kind of Candidates are We Looking For • What Incentives are There For Candidates to Run for Office • What Procedure Should You Use In Contacting Potential Candidates • Will You Give Release Time to an Employee to Run For Office • I am a candidate –Final Decision-Can I Win?

  5. Television Ad

  6. Building A Campaign Organization • Planning • Fundraising – Xmas list, Employees, etc. • Preparing Campaign Materials – Poll List • Developing and Maintaining a Web site ---------www.seymour-senate.us • Building Support – letter to the editor • Reaching Voters – invites to meetings and Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, etc..

  7. 1998Campaign Ad

  8. Campaign Elements (Movies From Web site) • Writing A Campaign Plan • The Kick-off Social At Your Home • Campaign Materials – examples on Web site • Fundraising – Start Early • Building Name Recognition – Your Local Group View the TV, Radio, and Newspaper Ads • Get Out The Vote Campaigns • Lobbyists – David Crothers • Care and Feeding of Volunteers • Team – Signs, TV, Radio Ads

  9. Campaign Ad With Capitol

  10. Give Your Legislator Support • Photo in Your Newsletter • Photo in Your Magazine • Photo during Your Company Event • Photo in Your Television Ad • Photo in Your Newspaper Ad • Photo in Your Brochures • Accompany Door to Door • Find Campaign Sign Locations

  11. Governor John Hoeven Lt. Governor Senate Majority Leader Senate Minority Leader President Pro Tempore House Majority Leader House Minority Leader House Speaker Senate Assistant Leader Senate Assistant Minority House Assistant Leader House Assistant Minority Senate and House Staff Governor’s Staff The Leadership – President Clip …

  12. President Pro Tempore

  13. The Legislative Council Jim Smith – Director Jay E. Buringrud – Assistant Director John Walstad – Code Revisor Allen H. Knudson – Legislative Budget Roxanne Woeste – Legislative Budget

  14. Office of Management and Budget Budget Projections – Pam Sharp, Director Tammy Dolan

  15. The Governor’s BudgetJohn Hoeven

  16. Parties • The State Democratic Party • The State Republican Party • Tea Party • Your Local District Organization • Your Congressional Delegation • The Legislators that You Know • The Lobbyists you Know • Legislative Staff You Know • The Leaders that You Know

  17. Your and Director Contacts • Friends and Relatives • Memberships and Boards • Helped during the campaign • MSU Board of Regents

  18. Agriculture, Appropriations, Education Finance and Taxation, Government and Veterans Aff Human Services, IBL, Judiciary, Natural Resources Political Subdivisions, Transportation Constitutional Revision -- Maybe 2009 Standing Committees

  19. Legislative Session Strategy • Unlimited Letters to Constituents • Meet with the Party Caucus • Email on a regular Basis • Leave a telephone message at home • Go to committee meetings • Take a legislator photo in committee meeting • Dinner and Lunch • Be in Capitol eating area early in morning • Gift and Personal card to Senate Desk • Letter to the Editor Promoting the Legislator • Legislator has the “VOTE” - Power Among Peers

  20. During the Legislative Session • Take the Legislator’s Spouse to Dinner • Send the Legislator’s Spouse a gift from Your Business • Go to The Legislative Session at 6:00am and visit with the Legislators present • Go to the Hotel Lounge in the Session City Where Most Legislators Stay and Visit • Compliment Your Legislators on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  21. 2010 Legislative Review

  22. Historic Legislative Session Unprecedented and Unparalleled in many respects • Landmark funding of priorities • Healthy reserve for the future • Broad-based tax relief, reform, and simplification • Tax Incentives for Businesses

  23. Historic Legislative Session • Healthy reserve for the future • Budget Stabilization Fund - $325 million • Oil Tax Trust Fund - $52 million • Property Tax Relief (2011-13) - $295 million • Ending Fund Balance - $30 million • Total Reserve - $702 million

  24. Technology and Communication • E-mail is best way to go – tseymour@nd.gov • Always remember to include your name and physical address on any correspondence • Your State’s Legislative Web site • At home 10-20 letters per day • Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc…

  25. Web sites • www.seymour-senate.com • http://web.ndak.net/seymour/ • Movies • Ads

  26. A Social Media Video

  27. Created by Jack Dorsey in 2006 • Micro-blogging site • Allows users to make posts up to 140 characters long • Comparable to text messaging but online • www.twitter.com -- SenTomSeymour

  28. Created by 3 former PayPal employees in 2005 • Video sharing website • Non-registered users can watch videos using a search engine will registered users can upload and view videos • Flip Camera and Droid • www.youtube.com • Search for Senator Tom Seymour

  29. Developed by a Vancouver-based company in 2006 • Photo/video sharing website • Also allows users to blog • www.flickr.com

  30. Founded by Reid Hoffman in 2002 • Business oriented social networking site • Allows users to have professional connections and contacts with them • www.Linkedin.com

  31. Created by Dustin Moskovitz and Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 as a way for their fellow Harvard students to stay in touch. • Has more than 300 million users • Provided in over 70 languages • More than 8 billion minutes are spent on the Facebook homepage everyday • www.facebook.com

  32. BLOGS • Type of website maintained by an individual that creates entries • Usually can control who sees blogs • http://senator-tom-seymour.blogspot.com/

  33. A website that allows easy creation and editing of interlinked web pages • Makes it easy to access a variety of different websites.

  34. You Can Do – What Has Been Said • Get To Know Your Legislators • Personal Relationships Build Trust • Try To Meet Face to Face • Remember Our States Have A Citizen Legislature • Make Good Use of Time, Be Brief (Coffee) • Democracy Does Not Work Without Citizen Involvement

  35. Citizen Legislature • During non-session, remember that they have other jobs as well • Legislators Are Not Experts in Every Subject *Speak in layman’s terms * Remember that People like stories - Awards

  36. Team Work Pays Off

  37. 2009: Lobbying and Policy Change: Who Wins, Who Loses, and Why • 13, 800 Lobbyists Registered in DC • $ 3.5 billion spent in 2009 on lobbying • 8,000 bills introduced / 400 pass in two years • Earmark • President and Party Leaders – 78% • Former Members of Congress – 63% • Congressional Committees – 60% • Lobbying Expenditures – 52% • Trade Associations – 50%

  38. Resourceswww.srt.com • OPASTCO • http://www.opastco.org/site/advocacy/us-congress/grassroots-lobbying-kit • NTCA – TECO Web site • http://www.ntcateco.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=44 • NDATC – Links • http://www.ndatc.com/links.htm • http://www.legis.nd.gov/fiscal/biennium-reports/61-2009/nd-finance-facts/index.html

  39. Your Challenge – Legislative Support in Three Areas • Money • Media • Message • Have Fun !!

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