what is figurative language n.
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What is figurative language? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is figurative language?

What is figurative language?

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What is figurative language?

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  1. What is figurative language? Figurative language is when words do not mean exactly what they say. The reader has to interpret the words to understand the meaning. This is the opposite of literal language.

  2. Why is figurative language important? Figurative language is used by writers to help the reader understand ideas that are difficult to explain with literal language.

  3. Simile definition and examples When two things are compared using the words “like” or “as” “Immigration is like a salad bowl because it is a mix of different flavors that blend together.” “That runner is as fast as the wind.”

  4. Simile practice Write similes for the following topics using the words “like” or “as” with an explanation. • Friends are _____ because ______. • The school lunch room is _____because_____. • Household chores are ______ because ______.

  5. Metaphor definition and examples A metaphor compares two things that don’t seem to be like each other. It is like a simile, but does NOT use “like” or “as.” “A headache is a massive hammer pounding in your head.” “Happiness is a sunny day because it makes you feel warm.”

  6. Metaphor practice Write metaphors for the following topics using the words with an explanation. • Homework is a _____because______. • Life is a _____because______. • (Feeling of your choice) is a _____ because ______.

  7. Alliteration definition and example When many words in the same sentence begin with the same sound. “The bewildered buffalo broke the back of a balding barbarian.”

  8. Alliteration practice Describe each of the following using an alliteration with at least two other words. • Example: The tremendously tall trees • Favorite thing to do after school • Favorite food • How to describe yourself

  9. Onomatopoeia definition and example When a word sounds like what it means. “The electric fence zapped the cow.” “The dog growled at the intruder.”

  10. Onomatopoeia practice Come up with at least one example of an onomatopoeia and use it in a sentence.

  11. Personification definition and example When an object is described using human characteristics. “The lawnmower growled angrily as it started up and coughed up clouds of black smoke.” “The flower was happy as it opened up in the sun.”

  12. Personification practice Pick three objects either inside or outside of this room and describe them using personification.

  13. Idioms definition and example A phrase that does not make any sense literally, but is used regularly in everyday language. “Her correct answer really hit the nail on the head.” “It cost him and arm and a legto go on that vacation.”

  14. Idioms practice Think of one idiom that you hear people use on a regular basis.