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GA and NextGen How technologies like WAAS and ADS-B will change your flying!

GA and NextGen How technologies like WAAS and ADS-B will change your flying!. Presented By Claire Kultgen . Overview. TIS ADS-B FIS-B TIS-B ADS-R WAAS T-Routes and GPS MEAs Questions Chat Pilot Information Center 1800-USA-AOPA pilotassist@aopa.org. Who’s Here. Current Age 20-35

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GA and NextGen How technologies like WAAS and ADS-B will change your flying!

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  1. GA and NextGenHow technologies like WAAS and ADS-B will change your flying! Presented By Claire Kultgen

  2. Overview • TIS • ADS-B • FIS-B • TIS-B • ADS-R • WAAS • T-Routes and GPS MEAs Questions • Chat • Pilot Information Center 1800-USA-AOPA pilotassist@aopa.org

  3. Who’s Here • Current Age • 20-35 • 35-45 • 45-55 • 55+

  4. Who’s Here • Certificates and Ratings (highest held) • None (Yet!) • Private • Instrument • Commercial or ATP

  5. Why Are You Here • I just want to learn more • I work in the industry (not as a pilot) • I’m a professional pilot and want to know how this affects my career • I’m trying to plan for future expenses for my plane • Other

  6. Funding and Resource Allocation • Slow and Systematic Transition • LORAN, NDBs, VORs • It’s OKAY • Systematic • Recently the FAA proposed to cut 154 approaches • AOPA reviewed and sent notices to local pilots. All 22 approaches AOPA opposed will be retained.

  7. TIS……..NowGen • 1st generation traffic • Radars “Uplink” traffic to Mode S transponders • 10,000+ Mode S transponders sold • Aircraft without operating transponders invisible to TIS • Only works in radar coverage NOT to be confused with TIS-B

  8. Terminal Radar Upgrades • ASR 7, ASR 8 • Older radar systems • Support TIS • AOPA has a good report on TIS • ASR 11 • New radar systems • Do NOT support TIS • Because FAA chose not to purchase needed software components

  9. TIS Capable Radar Sites TIS sites proposed to remain active Proposed TIS sites to be decommissioned*

  10. TIS In Action Transponder Info

  11. TIS In Action Traffic Info I’ll send some traffic information up! A Mode S Transponder!!!

  12. Garmin 430 Display

  13. TIS FAQ • Should I invest in TIS? • “Since the vast majority of TIS sites are not scheduled for decommissioning at this time, TIS capable Mode S transponders still offer a valuable, low cost safety service. If you fly through over 100 areas that continue to offer TIS, a Mode S transponder will increase your traffic awareness in busy terminal areas.” ~ Garmin.com

  14. TIS Questions

  15. ADS-B Basics • ADS-B is the FUTURE • Crucial component of NextGen • WILL replace radar • Tested in Alaska Capstone, Ohio Safe Flight 21 • Automatic • Dependent • Surveillance • Broadcast

  16. ADS-B Benefits • Air-to-air surveillance • More accurate • Faster update rate (every second) • Reduced infrastructure costs • Enhanced Coverage • Gulf of Mexico • Enhances SA and safety • More…

  17. ADS-B Out • Transmission of position, altitude, etc. • “Squits” 2x second • GPS based position, velocity, ID, etc • This is what will be required!

  18. ADS-B Out In Action GBT (Ground Based Transceiver)

  19. ADS-B In = The Good Stuff • Weather and Traffic • No Subscription!

  20. ADS-B Components • Aircraft squitting = ADS-B out • Aircraft standards - Fall 2009 • Ground Based Transceivers • ITT Contract • On target, on budget • 2013 fully deployed

  21. 1090 ES AirTransport/Above 180 Global Bandwidth Issues TIS-B UAT GA / Below FL180 US More Robust TIS-B FIS-B “Dual”ing Datalinks Opposite datalink’s can’t talk to each other!

  22. FIS-B • Flight Information Services Broadcast • NexRad Radar • Current Conditions • Terminal Forecasts • Significant Weather Advisories • Flight Restrictions (TFRs) • Special Activity Airspace Status • MOAs, Restricted Areas, etc.

  23. TIS-B • Uplink of Non ADS-B Traffic (transponders) • From GBTs to Aircraft • Rebroadcast of Radar Data • TRANSITIONAL NOT to be confused with TIS

  24. TIS-B In Action Transponder Info GBT (Ground Based Transceiver)

  25. TIS Uplink of transponder/ radar traffic Radar to transponder Only works in areas covered by radar with TIS capability TIS-B Uplink of transponder/ radar traffic GBT to ADS-B In Receiver Works in areas of radar coverage and/or GBT coverage TIS vs. TIS-B

  26. TIS-B outside of Radar Radar Coverage Transponder Info TIS-B GBT *FAA Proposal doesn’t provide for this

  27. ADS-R • To Address to Dual Datalink Issues 1090 ES UAT

  28. ADS-R 1090 ES UAT GBT (Ground Based Transceiver)

  29. ADS-R ADS-R ADS-R Rebroadcast!!! GBT (Ground Based Transceiver)

  30. The Proposal • FAA Proposal in 2007 • ADS-B Out Required: • Class A, B, C • Above 10,000 • Today’s Transponder Airspace • January 1, 2020 • AOPA submitted extensive comments • Committees, Committees, Committees Final Rule – Expected Spring 2010

  31. AOPA’s Position Basics Supported transition to satellite navigation for 20+ years AOPA Concerns • Tangible benefits needed….but hard to identify with current proposal • Moves some ATC costs to aircraft - Paid for by pilots • Concerns with dual datalink • Affordability

  32. More Questions than Answers • No black and white answer right now • Several avionics manufactures working on exciting products • Stay tuned to what’s on the market • Stay tuned to AOPA Pilot magazine and other resources • GPS needed, but may be integrated in ADS-B out transceiver

  33. Current Expansion

  34. Future Coverage ~2013

  35. The Sunshine-B State

  36. Status • GOMEX December 2009 • ATC service in an area never before served • Now available in Louisville and Philly, Juneau coming soon • 2013- available nationwide to those equipped

  37. Learn More

  38. www.adsb.gov

  39. ADS-B Questions

  40. What is WAAS? • Wide Area Augmentation System • Fixes traditional GPS by augmenting signals • Enhances accuracy and integrity • Introduced in 2003 • More than just lower mins!

  41. WAAS Architecture 38 Reference Stations 3 Master Stations 4 Ground Earth Stations 2 Geostationary Satellite Links 2 Operational Control Centers

  42. Please Remember! Nothing on the ground is communicating directly to your aircraft!

  43. Accuracy • Specification • 7.6 m x 7.6 m or better 95% of the time • Category I like precision • Measured • .9 m x 1.3 m

  44. Integrity • Improved ability to warn pilots of bad signals • 1x10-7 chance errors will go undetected • Better than RAIM • 6 seconds to: • Fix itself • Warn you

  45. WAAS System Benefits • Highly accurate • North American coverage • Extremely easy to use • Loading the approach is the hard part • Missed loads automatically • Limited infrastructure • 40,000+ equipped • Nothing on-airport needed • Precision approach possible at any airport • LPV’s now outnumber ILS’ • LPV costs $50k v. ILS up to $1 million • 2,037 as of April 8, 2010 • More alternate options

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