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Oxford Journals Collection: Quality & Value PowerPoint Presentation
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Oxford Journals Collection: Quality & Value

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Oxford Journals Collection: Quality & Value - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oxford Journals Collection: Quality & Value

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  1. Oxford Journals Collection: Quality & Value Prepared by: Annaig Gautier Sales Manager Southern Europe, South America & The Caribbean SCBIILA meeting 13 September, 2007 São Paulo, Brazil

  2. 1478 – First book printed in Oxford 1884 – First edition of The Oxford English Dictionary begins publication (last volume in 1928) 1907 – Publication of the Quarterly Journal of Medicine (QJM). Acknowledged as the first major medical publication by The Press (now publishes over 40 medical journals) 1970s – OUP publishes 40 journals, from an office in London. Journals published at this time include African Affairs, Brain, Early Music, and Journal of Experimental Botany 1980s – Journals UK department moves to Oxford History of Oxford Journals (Oxford University Press)

  3. 1985 – OUP USA starts journals program 1988 – Journals office opens in Japan (Tokyo) 1989 - Oxford Journals merges with IRL Press. Collection totals 113 journals 1996 – OUP merges its journals programmes in the USA, US and Japan. 2000 – OED launched online 2005 – “Oxford Journals” undergoes a major rebranding (new logo, website, and rebranded covers) 2006 – Journals office opens in Beijing, China 2006 – We celebrate our centenary and the launch of our digital archive History of Oxford Journals (Oxford University Press), cont.

  4. Mission & Values • Our goal is to bring the highest quality research to the widest possible audience. • Our activities are based on the following principles: • Quality • We aim for excellence, sustained by a responsible and professional approach to journal publishing. • Value • Through fair pricing policies, we ensure the affordability and wide distribution of the research we publish, while never undervaluing it. • Sharing knowledge • Fair pricing, proactive marketing programmes, and exploration of new publishing models allow us to maximize the reach and impact of the research we publish.

  5. Mission & Values (cont.) Innovation We use online technology, in an intelligent and imaginative way, to develop more efficient ways of sharing research, and to provide even better value service Partnerships By developing strong partnerships with societies, libraries, and authors, we use our combined expertise and content to create new opportunities for sharing learning and ideas.

  6. Update of the LISU report: 2000-2006 Median price per page, Biomedical & Social Sciences (2000-2006).

  7. Median impact factor, Biomedical & Social Sciences (2000-2006) LISU report (cont.)

  8. Median price per point of impact factor, Biomedical & Social Sciences (2000-2006) LISU report (cont.)

  9. Journal Ranking 2005 - Biosciences LISU report (cont.) • (Full report freely available at

  10. Technology and trends • Our titles are hosted at HighWire, which supports many cutting edge services such as: • Content delivery to PDA • Publish ahead of print • Publication of supplementary data including video files • Continuing medical education (CME) capability. • Ability to link contents from Oxford Journals to sny other journal at the HighWire platform(other publishers hosted at HighWire include Sage, BMJ Publishing Group, CUP, MIT Press, etc.)

  11. Athens authentication - all of our journals support access via Athens authentication. Our Athens compliance also allows access for institutions using Shibboleth via OpenAthens. COUNTER - our usage statistics are COUNTER 2-compliant ( Creative Commons - articles published under an Open Access model are licensed using Creative Commons. DOI and CrossRef - archive, current, and online ahead of print content are assigned DOIs and metadata is submitted to CrossRef for all Oxford Journals titles. Dublin Core metadata - See Our OAI-PMH and RSS data feeds expose article metadata using the Dublin Core metadata element set. MARC - MAchine Readable Cataloging records at the publication level are available for download. NLM XML - since 2006, the source data-encoding format for our online journals is the National Library of Medicine's Journal Publishing DTD. OAI-PMH - The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. See for general information OpenURL inbound linking - also known as 'OpenURL as a target'. PRISM metadata - RSS web feeds enriched with publishing-specific metadata. RSS - also known as Web feeds, RDF Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication. Used for alerting, or machine-to-machine harvesting of metadata. Unicode - the website uses a Unicode-aware content-management system which makes possible publication of our China and Japan portal site. WAI, Section 508, and ADA accessibility - the latest version of was designed with accessibility-compliance in mind. Currently supported standards

  12. ABCe compliance - we are currently re-building our usage statistics processing system which will deliver ABCe-audited usage statistics in addition to COUNTER-compliant stats. [Expected delivery date: 1 November 2007] OpenURL outbound linking - institutions with OpenURL-compliant link resolvers will be able to add reference links to Oxford Journals content so that their institution's users are directed to specific resources. Further information on this forthcoming feature can be found here. [Expected delivery date: 1 September 2007] Shibboleth - institutions using Shibboleth authentication can access Oxford Journals content using the OpenAthens Shibboleth gateway. News of direct support for Shibboleth on will be available in 2008. SRU federated searching - this allows our search engine to be queried by federated search software, with queries and results encoded in a standard XML schema. More information on SRU is available from the Library of Congress's SRU page. A test version of our forthcoming SRU service is available here. Our full SRU version will include additional metadata in the search results. [Expected delivery date: Early Q4 2007] SUSHI - Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (see the NISO SUSHI website). SUSHI-compliance will be include in the next update of COUNTER-compliance, expected 2008. Standards in development

  13. CAPES – OUP agreement: Back file and perpetual access policies • Backfiles • General policy: current subscribers (including consortia customers) have access to backfiles usually dating back to 1996. • The pre-1996 Digital Archive can be purchased or subscribed to separately • Perpetual access • Upon cancellation of subscription or deal, former subscribers are entitled to access material that was published for the first time during the contract period. • Digital preservation • Digital preservation initiatives: Royal Dutch Library, Portico, LOCKSS, CLOCKSS, etc.

  14. CAPES – OUP: comparison of usage with consortia in other countries • Access to the portal compared to other countries? • Difficult to compare as: • not many similar agreements • different sizes

  15. CAPES – OUP agreement: Cost per Download • Total Full Text Downloads: 366,211 • Subscribed journals: 82% • Unsubscribed journals: 18% • Values based on 2006 usage statistics for CAPES

  16. Launched in 2006, new material added each year Now 3 million pages digitized Earliest article goes back to 1849 6 subject collections (Humanities, Law, Medicine, Sciences, Social Sciences) or entire collection at a discount Can be subscribed to or purchased (payment in instalments possible) Possibility to negotiate access or purchase for consortia. More info at News for 2008: Digital Archive

  17. News (2): New 2008 titles • 16 new titles available in the 2008 Collection • Adaptation (new launch) • Applied Mathematics Research eXpress • Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society (free to consortia customers) • Cardiovascular Research • Christian Bioethics • Contemporary Women's Writing (new launch) • German History • International Journal of Transitional Justice (new launch 2007) • International Mathematics Research Notices • International Mathematics Research Papers • International Mathematics Research Surveys • Journal of Medicine and Philosophy • Literary Imagination (new launch) • Oral History Review • Public Health Ethics (new launch) • Review of Finance

  18. For further information, please contact Annaig Gautier Sales Manager Southern Europe, South America & The Caribbean Tel: +44 (0) 1865 353123 Fax: +44 (0) 1865 353835