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Mintel Comperemedia Making “Knowledge Marketing” Work PowerPoint Presentation
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Mintel Comperemedia Making “Knowledge Marketing” Work

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Mintel Comperemedia Making “Knowledge Marketing” Work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mintel Comperemedia Making “Knowledge Marketing” Work. Don Jackson John Coleman Eric Joyce JCG Direct Marketing Forum September 16, 2008. Topics Covered:. 1)Marketing Footprints 2)Product Features & Pricing 3)Credit Scoring for Marketing 4)Estimated production budgets

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Presentation Transcript

Mintel ComperemediaMaking “Knowledge Marketing” Work

Don Jackson

John Coleman

Eric Joyce

JCG Direct Marketing Forum

September 16, 2008

topics covered
Topics Covered:

1)Marketing Footprints

2)Product Features & Pricing

3)Credit Scoring for Marketing

4)Estimated production budgets

5)Creative Positioning

so what is mintel comperemedia
So What is Mintel Comperemedia?
  • Web based media monitoring system that captures direct mail, e-mail, and print advertising
  • Covers Financial Services sectors, with including the US and Canadian Insurance Markets.
  • Hi-resolution, full-color scans are like having the campaign in-hand
  • Includes even the smallest details included about offers, incentives, and pricing
  • News and exclusive editorial give you the big picture
  • Powerful reporting and analytical tools keep our customers in touch with critical trends and competitors’ changing strategies
comperemedia insurance coverage
ComperemediaInsurance Coverage

Agent/Producer Panel

1,000 independent agents returning direct mail, email and fax communications from insurance companies, including commission schedules, rate tables, sales incentives, and agent newsletters.

Print Advertising

Comperemedia monitors the top 100 national newspapers, including the top 50 insurance and investment publications. Mintel also monitors 12 producer industry publications.

Consumer Email Panel

Comperemedia receives over 25,000 emails per month from our panel of 1,000 online consumers. Clients can compare competitive rate quotes to individual consumers, view customer post-purchase communication streams, and better understand competitive email strategies.

Small Business Panel

1,000 small businesses across the US return the insurance offers they receive.

Comperemedia Online Database

Consumer Direct Mail Panel

Comperemedia has the largest consumer direct mail panel available. With access to over 200,000 households, Comperemedia provides clients with an abundance of direct mail communications that can be segmented by any of the 100+data points we collect, including company, zip code, age, offer, estimated mail volume etc.

mintel comperemedia
Mintel Comperemedia

Comperemedia Users Can:

  • Increase Sales and Response Rates.
  • Identify & Monitor Competitive Rates, Premiums and Fees.
  • Understand how Competitors are communicating with Producers and Consumers.
  • Improve Campaign Effectiveness.
  • Protect Your Market.
  • Regulatory Compliance.
trend analysis
Trend Analysis
  • How can I attempt to estimate Competitor’s Spend?
    • 3 Approaches
  • How are my competitors trending across Insurance Types, Geographic Locations or Mailing Types?
direct mail landscape top 20 acquisition mailers jan may 2008
Direct Mail LandscapeTop 20 Acquisition Mailers, Jan – May 2008

GEICO mail dominated mailboxes nationwide as the company mailed nearly three times more acquisition campaigns than the second top mailer, State Farm.

email landscape top 20 acquisition mailers jan may 2008
Email LandscapeTop 20 Acquisition Mailers, Jan – May 2008

GEICO ranked #2 among acquisition emailers in the Auto Insurance category (48 unique email campaigns) behind The Hartford (62 unique campaigns) from January to May 2008. “Not specified” was removed as the #1 position in acquisition mail.

geico executive summary
Geico Executive Summary
  • GEICO continues to rank as the top acquisition direct mailer, while ranking #2 in the email channel behind The Hartford. State Farm ranks as the #2 direct mailer.
  • In review of the direct mail control packages from GEICO, Comperemedia found that none of the top 5 campaigns utilized the gecko. On the other hand, the gecko was used heavily via the email channel (follow-up acquisition mailers). Also, GEICO used the same control packages in 2007 and 2008 via direct mail.
  • GEICO diversified their mailing types in 2008 by moving into Win-Back, Loyalty, and Renewal Mailing offers
  • For 2008, GEICO is not currently using incentives to attract new customers (although they have in previous years)
  • GEICO’s top 5 control campaigns strongly drove readers to
geico executive summary1
Geico Executive Summary
  • Comperemedia began tracking the acquisition “Caveman” campaign from GEICO in February of 2006 within Direct Mail and in December 2007 for email. This acquisition direct mail campaign has really come on strong since April 2008. With nearly 1 million campaigns in 2006, Comperemedia saw a lull in 2007 and a surge in 2008 with nearly 2 million campaigns mid-year. GEICO uses the caveman in customer communication emails only!
  • In the first two quarters of 2008, Comperemedia saw an uplift in the amount of Watercraft/Motorcycle/RV/Aviation mail from GEICO. The volumes more than doubled in Q1 2008 compared to Q1 2007. Also, GEICO used the Caveman icon heavily in these mailings.
  • As you will see, GEICO segments the market with direct mail, but not obviously through the email channel. In 2008, the gecko is the mascot of choice within acquisition emails. 72% of all acquisition emails from GEICO contained the gecko.





New Home

youth segment 2007
Youth Segment2007
  • GEICO relates to the youth market in this campaign through the use of images (skiing), pie charts and compassion: “Living on a budget can be tough”
  • First seen in August 2006 (test), this campaign was sent mainly in 2007 and was recently picked up again in March/April 2008
  • Media ID 20060915-645
hispanic segment 2007
Hispanic Segment2007
  • Comperemedia has recorded over 5 million pieces for this GEICO campaign which has run from July 2007-April 2008
  • While GEICO does change strategy when marketing to the Hispanic segment, they did not send any Spanish or English/Spanish mailings to prospects or clients (as they have in years past).
  • They use only a few phrases in the Spanish language, such as “Remember, any way you say it, everybody wins with GEICO”
  • Comperemedia noticed that the gecko mascot appeared more to the Hispanic segment compared to the general market
  • Media ID 20070817-1953
new home move
New Home/Move

First seen in February 2008, Comperemedia continues to track the campaign sent to recent movers/new homeowners.

Media ID: 20080325-11230

caveman campaign
Caveman Campaign
  • While GEICO sent the Caveman campaign to PROSPECTS via direct mail only, the company used the icon within customer communications through the email channel.
  • Comperemedia reported that GEICO has sent over 1.7 million mailings of Media ID 20080505-1949 to households across the country to date
  • The Caveman campaign was most recently seen in June 2008. Comperemedia first saw this campaign in April 2007. The campaign has come on strong since April 2008.

Media ID: 20080505-1949

innovative creative
Innovative Creative

Media ID: 20070209-264