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“Expect the Unexpected”

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“Expect the Unexpected”. Exercise Planning and Conduct. The Basics. Determine a need to exercise Base on established plans, policies and procedures Select what will be exercised Prepare Goals and Objectives Decide on the scope of the exercise Evaluate and prepare recommendations .

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expect the unexpected

“Expect the Unexpected”

Exercise Planning



the basics
The Basics
  • Determine a need to exercise
  • Base on established plans, policies and procedures
  • Select what will be exercised
  • Prepare Goals and Objectives
  • Decide on the scope of the exercise
  • Evaluate and prepare recommendations
types and levels of exercises
Types and Levels of Exercises
  • Discussion based exercises –
    • Seminars
    • Tabletops
  • Operations based exercise –
    • Drills
    • Functionals
    • Full Scale
  • Games
    • Simulations
  • Currently 15 National Scenarios
    • Cover both natural and man-made events
  • Baseline process to examine capabilities
    • Support National Preparedness Goals
    • Universal Task Lists
    • Target Capabilities Lists
  • Can be tailored to fit
  • Found on DHS Website
exercise training
Exercise Training

There are several programs to teach exercise design and evaluation.

In state – NJSP – www.state.nj.us/njoem/progams/training-about.html/

Federal through FEMA – Exercise Design Course – IS139, Independent Study Program –http://training.fema.gov/emiweb/is/

exercise planning considerations
Exercise Planning Considerations
  • Design exercises with realistic scenarios – most probable for your location and activity
  • Exercise will examine (assess) current plans, etc.
  • Decide on primary mission outcomes
  • Establish expected results for each task
  • Use results as measurement tools
sample discussion based exercises
Sample Discussion Based Exercises
  • Communicable disease outbreak – deliberate or natural
  • Chemical exposure threat – accidental
  • Major snow fall with power outage
  • Large scale accident on campus with many injuries
no 1 major public health issue suspected pneumonic plague
No. 1 Major Public Health Issue-Suspected Pneumonic Plague

Over the previous four days an increasing number of patients from the surrounding city have been presenting to local hospitals with very similar symptoms. Your institution is starting to see an increase in students illness and visits to the clinic. As of 10:30AM the day before four patients at a local hospital succumbed to the disease -

no 1 discussion questions
No 1. Discussion Questions
  • How would you be made aware of this event?
  • What are the immediate steps you would take?
  • Who would provide support to your institution?
  • Do you have enough supplies immediately available to you?
  • What long term issues concern you?
no 2 chemical exposure threat accidental
No. 2 Chemical Exposure Threat – Accidental

At 09:30 this morning a train accident occurred at the freight transfer railhead about five miles west of your institution. One of the trains involved was hauling tankers filled with liquid chlorine and one with Anhydrous Ammonia. Both are leaking and a gaseous plume has started to form The prevailing winds are out of the west at 5 miles per hour….

no 2 discussion questions
No 2. Discussion Questions
  • What do you do first?
  • What happens to the student population?
  • Do you plan for sheltering in place?
  • What is the clinics role?
  • Are you equipped to handle local respiratory issues in large numbers?
no 3 major snow fall with power outage
No 3. Major Snow Fall with Power Outage

Snow and cold winds have affected the surrounding area. In your region two local municipalities have already had major power outages and the continuing winds, snow and forming ice are beginning to have an affect locally. At 1:30 this afternoon lights began to go out in certain areas of the campus and there is fear that the continued loss of power will cause an inability to keep the dorms heated…

no 3 discussion questions
No 3. Discussion Questions
  • What impact does this have on your clinic’s operation?
  • Do you have a role in remediation of this type of event?
  • Do you expect to help in protecting the resident population?
no 4 large scale accident on campus with many injuries
No 4. Large scale accident on campus with many injuries.

One of the boilers in a major campus building exploded. The insuring damage caused explosive debris to hit several students in the area. In addition, another building was damaged and some students may be in the structure. Already, 15 students with slight to moderate trauma affects have reported to the clinic…

no 4 discussion questions
No 4. Discussion Questions
  • How are you notified?
  • Do you have resources to call to increase your clinic’s presence on campus?
  • Who do you interface with?
  • What agreements do you have in other communities for assistance?
  • What records of this type event are you required to keep?
  • Exercises are examination tools
  • Exercises can help to continue education and improve skills
  • Using exercises in increasing complexity increase and refine response protocols
  • Exercises are a critical component of the preparedness cycle
contact information
Contact Information

Bob Brownlee

Exercise Coordinator


Email: robert.brownlee@doh.state.nj.us

Warren Backer

Exercise Coordinator


Email: warren.backer@doh.state.nj.us