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Preparing for the Unexpected FLOODS PowerPoint Presentation
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Preparing for the Unexpected FLOODS

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Preparing for the Unexpected FLOODS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparing for the Unexpected FLOODS. Presentation for Individuals and their Families. Who We Are:. Michael J. Adametz Director, Emergency Preparedness SWPA American Red Cross. Our Purpose:. To help prepare you and your family, to be ready to respond to Floods.

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Presentation Transcript

Preparing for the Unexpected


Presentation for Individuals and their Families


Who We Are:

Michael J. Adametz

  • Director, Emergency Preparedness

SWPA American Red Cross


Our Purpose:

  • To help prepare you and your family, to be ready to respond to Floods

“What kinds of disasters could happen in our local area?”NaturalHuman-causedTerrorism

why do i need to be prepared
Why Do I Need To Be Prepared?

Physical Needs

Emotional Needs

Material Needs


What Can I Do????????

  • Create a Family Disaster Plan
  • Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit
  • Purchase a NOAA Weather Radio
  • Prepare to Evacuate
  • Have a Plan for your Pets
  • Become First Aid / CPR / AED Trained

What Is A Family Disaster Plan????????

Communications Plan

Meeting Plan

Financial Plan

Utilities Plan


Communication Plan

  • Choose a contact person for your family
  • Make sure all family members have correct contact information
    • Phone numbers
    • Pager number
    • E-mail addresses
    • Long Distance Contact

Establish 2 Meeting Places

  • Outside your home
  • Away from your home
financial plan
Financial Plan
  • At least 1 Month of Cash on Hand.
  • Auto-Pay Monthly Bills
  • Monthly Payment Schedule
  • Establish a Line of Credit
  • Inventory of all Financial Information
    • Accounts
    • Contact Persons
    • Addresses Phone Numbers
    • Payment Dates and Amounts
utilities plan
Utilities Plan

In the Event You have to Shut Off your Utilities………

  • Know the Locations of your Utility Mains into your house. (Gas, Water, Electric)
  • Know how to PROPERLY Shut Off your Utilities
  • Make sure to use a Trained Professional to turn on your GAS.


  • Follow instructions from Emergency Management
    • Am I located in the Evacuation Zone?
    • Where is the Shelter Locations?
    • What route do I use to get there?
  • Wear appropriate clothing
  • Take your disaster supplies kit

If Disaster Strikes...

  • Activate your Family Disaster Plan
  • Grab your Disaster Supply Kit
  • Prepare for Evacuation or Shelter in Place
  • Listen to your Radio for instructions
  • Follow instructions from Local Emergency Management

If Disaster Strikes...

  • Use flashlight or light stick—avoid matches, candles and electrical switches
  • Confine or Secure your Pets
  • Check on Family and Neighbors
  • Do not turn off utilities unless:
    • Local officials have told you to do so
    • You suspect a gas leak
what can i do today
What Can I Do Today?
  • Prepare your Family Disaster Plan.
  • Practice your Family Disaster Plan.
  • Prepare your Disaster Supply Kit.
  • Purchase NOAA Weather Radio
  • Practice Evacuations
  • Take Red Cross First Aid / CPR Training.