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Managing the unexpected

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Managing the unexpected. Presented to the Roads Academy Masterclass Nirmal Kotecha 11 May 2011. Why did the mother duck cross the road?. . . . to lead the way of course!. There’s no ducking the issue - we cannot turn the clock back!.

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managing the unexpected

Managing the unexpected

Presented to the Roads Academy


Nirmal Kotecha

11 May 2011

example how to offload a 1 5 tonne mini digger from a low loader with the wrong size ramps
Example:How to offload a 1.5 tonne mini-digger from a low loader ... with the wrong size ramps?
the result was a riddor
The Result was a RIDDOR

The digger started to slide and overturned off the side of the ramp pinning the IP’s foot underneath.

No of questions raised

How was the digger loaded onto the flatbed in the first place?

Why wasn’t he stopped?

Why wasn’t the HIAB used?

How common a practice is this?

managing the unexpected1
Managing the unexpected

20 October 2010

should have been a day to remember

the reality
…the reality

20 October 2010


M25 Fatal Accident


the unanswered questions
The unanswered questions


Why the Vehicle Marshall remained stationary on that one occasion…?

Why the Dozer Driver didn’t see him…?


Do we need vehicle marshalls?

the impact
The Impact

A widow in Romania lost her only son

The impact on the 1,000 people working on these projects is hard to describe

It took 2 weeks before production was back up and running

It took resident councillors to support the team to want to get back up and running

The emotional impact will stay with many for a long time to come

what s changed
What’s changed?

There have been changes made as a result

Not just on the M25 but to all our schemes

But where will our next learning come from…a near miss…a minor accident…a lost time accident…a reportable accident…or worse…

Our challenge is to prevent before it happens!


Leadership from HA Board

and Principals Group

principals group has provided real horsepower for change
Principals Group has provided real horsepower for change

Reconciled Performance Data

PG member to call NK personally within 24 hours of a RIDDOR

Sharing details at each meeting

Head of Health and Safety met every consultant and contractor to better understand and address issues

Occupational Health and Behavioural Safety Standards introduced

Sharing incidents and lessons learnt from other parts of business e.g. rail and the quick hitch fatality

HA and Supply Chain working together to influence industry e.g. MEWP dead man switch

Introduction of ALERT process

Major Projects Community Conference 2009 – theme sharing Health & Safety practice across all tiers of the supply chain

What Does Good Look Like

Scheme launch events

AfZ – Road worker and Construction and Maintenance Strategies launched

Health and Safety Toolkit

Independent and Senior Management Audits – and sharing the good and bad practices identified

Health and Safety pre-qualification assessments

Personal Commitments

Health and Safety Wheel

Working together to reduce live carriage crossings

Sharing and learning best practice across industry – e.g. Crossrail

Regular Health and Safety supply chain workshops

a4z is not a pipe dream
A4Z is not a pipe dream

Major Projects AFR reduced by 67% since April 2008

First Principals Group Fatality

a number of projects are showing the way toward a4z
A number of projects are showing the way toward A4Z...

M25 Section 4 had previously hit 2m hours without a RIDDOR

it starts with leadership
It starts with Leadership!

Leadership at all levels

Designing for safety

Policy, Process, Procedures

Risk perception

Safety culture and climate

Changing behaviours

Human errors