napoleon foreign policy and downfall n.
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Napoleon: Foreign Policy and Downfall

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Napoleon: Foreign Policy and Downfall - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Napoleon: Foreign Policy and Downfall. European Conquest. Peace of Amiens between England and France (1802) Divorced after 1 year Napoleon begins disrupting- Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy Attempts to disrupt British supremacy in India-War ensues (1803)

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Presentation Transcript
european conquest
European Conquest
  • Peace of Amiens between England and France (1802)
  • Divorced after 1 year
  • Napoleon begins disrupting- Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy
  • Attempts to disrupt British supremacy in India-War ensues (1803)
  • Battle of Trafalgar off coast of Spain
  • England remains undisputed supremacy of the seas
  • Coalition against Napoleon resurrected-England, Austria, Russia, and Sweden
  • Napoleon defeats Austrians at Ulm (Oct. 20, 1805)
  • Defeated Russian troops at Austerlitz
  • Treaty of Pressburg- Austria surrenders Italy
  • Napoleon recognized as King of Italy
consequences of austria s defeat
Consequences of Austria’s Defeat
  • Prussia assumes Germanic supremacy
  • Napoleon unifies Southern Germanies into “Confederation of the Rhine”
  • Napoleon named as Protector
  • Ended the antiquated Holy Roman Empire
  • Under Treaty of Pressburg, Germanic states loyal to Napoleon remained independent
prussia s fall
Prussia’s Fall
  • Prussian Emperor Frederick William III remained neutral
  • Received Electorate of Hanover
  • Prussian military leader, Duke of Brunswick, attacks France
  • Prussia’s army completely destroyed by Napoleon
  • Napoleon marches into Berlin as Frederick William III flees
russian bear s alliance to france
Russian Bear’s Alliance to France?
  • Treaty of Tilsit (1807)- Czar Alexander I seeks peace as Napoleon moves to invade
  • Napoleon accepted as master if Western Europe
  • Napoleon’s brother Jerome rules over Duchy of Warsaw and Kingdom of Westphalia
  • Russia kept control of Eastern Europe after promising to help in trade war with England
continental system
Continental System
  • Restricted importation of British goods to Europe and key European goods to England
  • Berlin Decree of November 1806- blockade of British Isles
  • All French ports closed to Britain and her colonies
  • England retaliates by declaring all ships trading with France ripe for capture
  • Although meant to cultivate European economic independence from England, actually caused economic hardship for all
height of power 1808 1812
Height of Power 1808-1812
  • Invades Portugal after Portugal refuses to join Continental System
  • Conquers Spain and places his brother, Joseph on the throne as King of Spain
  • Peninsula War- Spain rebels, with English help, and pushes Joseph out across Pyrennies
  • France’s distraction with Spain causes Austria to declare war yet again (April 1809)- Austria loses…again
  • Napoleon divorces Josephine and marries daughter of Francis II of Austria
never start a land war in asia
“Never Start a Land War in Asia”
  • Due to distrust of Napoleon, Czar Alexander I violates Tilsit and trades with Britain
  • France declares war on Russia
  • Russian forces use scorched earth method
  • Napoleon forced to retreat from Moscow
  • Europe avenges itself!
  • Battle of Natims (1813)
  • Napoleon retreats to France, troops desert his army, the Confederation of the Rhine collapses
the fall
The Fall
  • Napoleon abdicates and is exiled to Elba
  • Congress of Vienna convenes- Bourbons restored to power
  • March 1, 1815- Bonaparte returns, but is put down yet again at Waterloo June 18, 1815 by Wellington and von Blucher
  • Exiled to St. Helena
  • Dies 1821- Murdered?? Natural Causes???