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Bridges. By Jessica Pinto, Ali Peacock, Amanda Miller. Timeline. June 1919

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Jessica Pinto, Ali Peacock, Amanda Miller


June 1919

H.L. Albert, President of the Commercial Club, persuades Smith Engineering Co. of St. Louis to send a representative to draw up plans for a new "wagon bridge" across the Mississippi River at Cape. Little seems to come of this, however.

Aug. 1925

Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce creates a bridge committee to study the possibility of erecting a new bridge at Cape .

Jan. 20

1926 Adgate reports to the Chamber that a bridge could be built for about $1.5 million

August 20

1926 At a public meeting, the Chamber reveals plans for fund raising and the engineering firm of Harrington, Howard and Ash presented an overall bridge design and the results of a traffic survey


Sept. 10

1926 Bridge committee announces that nearly $400,000 had been raised, causing a spontaneous celebration to erupt across town

Dec. 4

1926 Bidding opens for the bridge construction. American Bridge Co. won the bid for the superstructure and U.G.I. Contracting Co. won for the substructure. Both bids totalled about $1.2 million

Feb. 5

1927 Construction begins on the first pier

Mar. 21

1927 Rising river level reaches flood stage, halting construction of the piers in the river

May 7,

1927 Construction resumes as the river dropped below flood stage

  • Apr. 16, 1928 U.G.I. Contracting Co. finishes work on the substructure with the completion of Pier 6.
  • Jul. 5, 1928 F. W. Keller starts work on paving Morgan Oak Street leading up to the bridge.
bridge types
Bridge Types
  • Girder Bridge
real bridges
Real Bridges
  • The Ponte Cestio

The Ponte Cestio is one of the oldest bridges in Rome and leads across to the island in the Tiber which sits in the water like a securely anchored ship. Along the quay beneath the bridges over the Tiber the "Tevere Expo", Rome's local book fair, takes place every August.

the rion antirion bridge
The Rion-Antirion Bridge
  • The Rion-Antirion Bridge in Greece, which was first opened to traffic in August 2004, was the product of a seven-year construction project from 1998 to 2004 (including a two year preparation period 1998–1999 and a five-year building period 2000–2004) and resulted in the world's longest cable-stayed bridge.
bridge of sighs
Bridge of Sighs
  • The Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge is a covered bridge belonging to St John's College of Cambridge University. It was built in 1831 and crosses the River Cam between the college's Third Court and New Court. The architect was Henry Hutchinson.[1]
  • It is named after the Bridge of Sighs in Venice,[2] although they have little architecturally in common beyond the fact that they are both covered. The bridge is one of Cambridge's main tourist attractions and Queen Victoria is said to have loved it more than any other spot in the city.[3]