a west african seed to oil palm oil production company n.
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“ A West African Seed-to-Oil Palm Oil Production Company” PowerPoint Presentation
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“ A West African Seed-to-Oil Palm Oil Production Company”

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“ A West African Seed-to-Oil Palm Oil Production Company” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“ A West African Seed-to-Oil Palm Oil Production Company”. UK-Cote d'Ivoire Trade & Investment Forum - 2013. Disclaimer.

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“ A West African Seed-to-Oil Palm Oil Production Company”

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    1. “A West African Seed-to-Oil Palm Oil Production Company” UK-Cote d'Ivoire Trade & Investment Forum - 2013

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    3. COMPANY overview Significant near term revenue through processing of contracted smallholders covering 27,000 ha at Company’s fully funded 60 t/h mill under construction. 3

    4. Cote d’voire • Developed infrastructure • Highly dominant agriculture industry: • Existing agriculture workforce • Existing commodity trading infrastructure • The world's largest producer and exporter of cocoa beans and significant producer and exporter of coffee, cashew, rubber and palm oil. • Significant Economy Growth in 2013 is anticipated • Largest Port in West Africa Abidjan CBD Abidjan Port 4

    5. Palm oil market • Palm oil is the most widely used edible oil in the world • Demand estimated to double by 2020 • Supply side limited by lack of land availability in traditional growth zones in Malaysia and Indonesia • International palm oil majors currently entering or expanding in West Africa • Liberia recently granted 220,000ha to Sime Darby and 350,000ha to Golden Veroleum, owned by Golden Agri-Resources • KLK in take over negotiations with AIM listed, Equatorial Palm Oil • West Africa estimated net import demand now 600,000 t/pa • Ivory Coast is the second largest West African palm oil producer and only net exporter in West Africa 5

    6. Ivory Coast Palm Oil Market • Modern infrastructure: land, sea, air, electricity and communication • Proven palm oil jurisdiction with an estimated 250,000ha of palm oil plantations • Shortage of Ivory Coast milling capacity for smallholders Major Cote d’Voire Palm Oil Companies 6

    7. key assets “An Established Asset Backed Palm Oil Company” 27,000ha existing smallholders at the region of Ayanouan output to be processed through mill Computerised nursery facility at Ayanouan with capacity to produce 1m plants c.1,900ha of company plantation currently planted at Ayanouan 60tn/hr Mill under construction at Ayanouan 24,000ha of DekelOil expansion land at Divo 7

    8. Location of operations and Assets Well Positioned in Terms of Infrastructure • Advantageous location and existing infrastructure • Existing operations are located in Ayanouan, 2hrs from Abidjan’s port • Expansion land is located in Divo, 4hrs from Abidjan’s port • Good road links to the port and to Ghana • Existing • 27,000 ha small-holders • c.1,900 ha company plantations • 60t/h mill under construction • 1M plants Nursery • Expansion 24,000 ha for plantations • 60t/h mill • New Nursery • (subject to funding) Divo Ayanouan 8

    9. 60 t/h Palm Oil MilL • 60 ton/hour mill is being constructed under a turn key agreement by Modipalm, a leading Malaysian manufacturer • Total Mill site size - c.14 hectare, mill floor base - c.9,000 s.q.m.- largest Mill in West Africa • At full capacity can produce 70,000 tons of CPO (Potential revenue of $US56m at palm oil price of $US800/tn) • Options for sale of CPO include sale to major ivory coast refineries, export to bordering countries, sale to commodity traders • Construction well advanced and operations to commence in Q1 2014 9

    10. Mill Site - march 2013 10

    11. Mill site - oCTOBER 2013 11

    12. feedstock for THE Mill Small holders – 27,000ha Company Owned Estates – 1,900ha • Contracts with over 5,000 small holders over 27,000 ha of existing plantations • Estimated annual yields from small holders of 8-12 tns/h of Fresh Fruit Bunch • Small holder output initially to supply majority of mill feedstock – allowing near term revenues to be generated • c. 1,900 ha planted to date at Ayanouan • Costs to maturity: US$2,000/ha to US$2,700/ha, lower than West African competitors • Mature plantations in Ivory Coast have a peak yield of 20-24t of FFB • 2009-2010 planting programme is already yielding 12

    13. Strategy Near Term Produce 35,000- 40,000 tons CPO in 2014. Objectives include: • Complete mill construction • Implementation of logistics from small holders • Recruitment of operational management • Implementation of ERP system Medium Term Develop a further 3,000 – 5,000 ha of company plantations in close proximity to the first mill Increase yields of small holder’s plantations Commence planting operations at the 24,000ha Divo site To develop a vertically integrated large scale palm oil company in West Africa 13

    14. Cote d’Voire Investment Opportunity • Cote d’Voire is an established agriculture market operating in one of the fastest growing countries in Africa • Existing infrastructure is very good for business and we welcome government initiatives to continually improve infrastructure • Government incentives to investors including tax exemptions • The palm oil market will no doubt be a significant industry in West Africa. Cote d’voire is well positioned to lead this market • DekelOil has worked in excellent co-operation with all levels of government, local authorities and the community and is looking forward to its next stage of development 14

    15. Thank you 15