peak oil production n.
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Peak Oil Production

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Peak Oil Production - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Peak Oil Production. IB Geography. Intro. How will you Ride the Slide? Based on the video, come up with a working definition of Peak Oil Production. Peak Oil Production.

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Peak Oil Production

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    1. Peak Oil Production IB Geography

    2. Intro • How will you Ride the Slide? • • Based on the video, come up with a working definition of Peak Oil Production

    3. Peak Oil Production • The year in which the world or an individual oil-producing country reaches its highest level of production, with production declining thereafter.

    4. When will Peak Oil Production Occur? • In the US: 1970 • The International Energy Agency expects peak oil production somewhere between 2013 and 2037. (with a fall of 3 % a year after the peak) • The US Geological Survey predicts it is 50 or more years away. • The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas predicted 2011.

    5. Partner/Pair Share DiscussionConnection to TOK • How can you judge which prediction is most accurate? • How can we best deal with uncertainty in areas of such huge importance?

    6. ACT Passage Activity • “The IEA Says Peak Oil Is Dead. That’s Bad News for Climate Policy” By Bryan Walsh, TIME • You will have the next 8 minutes and 45 seconds to read the passage and answer the 10 ACT style questions.

    7. Review of ACT Passage • Correct your own paper as we go over the answers. • You will notice that each question has a label for the type of skill the question addresses and the College Readiness Standard Score band.

    8. Data Analysis and Reflection • Analyze the items you got correct and incorrect and use the graphic organizer to guide your reflection.