cause and effect n.
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  1. CAUSE AND EFFECT • Two Ways to Live Presentation by Geoffrey Roberts

  2. There are two ways to live... Either you believe that you are driving the bus... ...or you believe that you are a passenger. The passenger has no control. The driver gets to decide the speed, the route and the destination. Either you live at CAUSE or you live at EFFECT

  3. You have: Freedom, happiness, success, limitless options, courage, motivation You feel:100% responsible, 100% choice, proactive, in charge, empowered CAUSERESOURCEFUL Maxi Me: Take risks, willing to be uncomfortable, courageous, adaptable Your strategies: Get feedback, embrace the unfamiliar, ‘there is work to do’ attitude You feel:Like a failure, stuck, like it’s too hard, trapped, wishing for something better, bitter, angry You have: No feedback, sorrow, disappointment, no choice, fear, lack of motivation EFFECTUNRESOURCEFUL Your strategies: Externalise issues, confuse issues, excuses, procrastination, shifting blame, victim mentality Mini Me: Play it safe, keep it comfortable, no expectations means no disappointment

  4. Why would someone choose to live at effect? Secondary gain (pay off for the pain) E.g. safety, ease, comfort, pity, identity, certainty A person may stay in an abusive relationship because it givesthem somewhere to live, food, certainty, pity or identity. But this isn’t what they really want… it is secondary gain. A person can use anger to get power, control and certainty but it also causes resentment, fear, damaged relationships and broken trust. But it isn’t what they really want… it is a secondary gain. What they both really want is to be loved, honoured, respected, cherished, supported & happy (primary gains).

  5. Leverage When we find something that motivates us to move from living at effect to living at cause we call it leverage. What leverage have you used in the past to make you do something? E.g. Why are you here today? "Because they will cut off my payments if I don't turn up"...

  6. Leverage – Change of language I failed It’s too hard I can’t I hope (wishful thinking) I don’t know I got feedback It’s unfamiliar/ possible/ an opportunity I choose not to OR I won’t I wonder what I need to do I can find out/ I am pretending not to know