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Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect. =. Action. Reaction. C-----ause. Why ?. 1 2 3. C. E. before. In our ABC’s and 3 before 4 when we count!. E-----ffect. What?. 1 2 3 4. Saturday I went skating with my mom. cause. A cause is something that makes

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Cause and Effect

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  1. Cause and Effect = Action Reaction

  2. C-----ause Why ? 1 2 3 C E before In our ABC’s and 3 before 4 when we count! E-----ffect What? 1 2 3 4

  3. Saturday I went skating with my mom. cause A cause is something that makes Something else happen. IT HAPPENS FIRST!

  4. I fell down and broke my leg. effect An effect is what happens As a result of the cause. IT HAPPENS 2ND

  5. Grandma planted seeds. • Then the flowers began to grow. • Then the sun came up.

  6. Blooming Good! You found the effect! Grandma’s flowers are growing!

  7. Oops! The sun coming up is not the effect, but it will help grandma’s flowers grow.

  8. It was raining outside. • We went in the house. • I was hungry.

  9. You got it! The effect was…. Since it rained, we went inside the house. Run fast!

  10. Although I am hungry that’s not the cause.

  11. It snowed outside, therefore • I don’t feel good. • I will shovel the driveway.

  12. It’s “snow” good. Me not feeling good is not the effect. Try again!

  13. You’re “snow” good! You found the effect. I will shovel the driveway, since it snowed!

  14. It was a windy day, so….. • Sue flew a kite. • Sue baked a pie.

  15. Way to Go!!!!!! A windy day works good to fly a kite.

  16. No pie…. Let’s Fly! The effect is not baking A pie.

  17. Someone came to the door. • They got hungry. • The dog began to bark.

  18. Try again! The effect is not that they are hungry.

  19. BARK-tacular! Rover barked when someone came to the door.

  20. Fill in the blanks in each sentence with a word that makes sense. If your answers are correct, the puzzle at the bottom of this page will spell something that goes together! Good Luck! If you flip the switch the light_ _ _ _ _ will go on. 1 Please send Jeff an invitation so that he can come to the _ _ _ _ _. 2 If you water the seeds, they will _ _ _ _ _ _ and grow. 3 4 1 We were so tired today, because we were at the sleepover last _ _ _ _ _. 5 1 I ran so fast that I won _ _ _ _ _ place in the race. 6 My dog ate my homework, because I left it on the _ _ _ _ _. 7 2 When Emily dove into the pool, we all got _ _ _. 8 1 I planted the tree, after I _ _ _ the hole. 9 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7 2 4 3 8 2 5 9 8 6 6 8 7 1 dug first light sprout chair party night wet CLICK TO HAVE THE SENTENCES APPEAR!

  21. SMART THINKING! You have learned…… CAUSE … IT HAPPENS FIRST Why did it happen? and EFFECT… IT HAPPENS SECOND What happened?

  22. Cause & Effect • A cause is a person, event, condition, or reason that is responsible • for an action or result. • An effect is a result brought about by a cause or an agent. • Directions: Identify if the underlined phrase is a cause or an effect. • 1. We turned up the heat since it was getting cold. • cause effect • 2. Tommy and Matthew are good friends because they have many common interests and hobbies. • cause effect • 3. Anna practiced math during summer vacation, therefore, she finds math easy. • cause effect • 4. I fell off my bike and scraped my knee. • cause effect • 5. Our apartment is on the 11th floor, therefore, we have a great view of the city. • cause effect • 6. Because I helped my mother, she was able to finish her work quickly. • cause effect • 7. It was a very windy day, therefore, we were able to fly our kite. • cause effect • 8. Since the class was good this week, they were able to have movie Friday. • cause effect • Super Teacher Worksheets -

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