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Welcome to 5 th grade

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Welcome to 5 th grade. Mrs. Serfoss’ class Please take a moment to write a short message to your child on the note card provided. Coleen Serfoss. I graduated from Iowa State University. I have 9 siblings, 20 nieces & nephews, and 5 great-nieces/nephews. All of which live in Iowa & Nebraska.

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welcome to 5 th grade

Welcome to 5th grade

Mrs. Serfoss’ class

Please take a moment to write a short message to your child on the note card provided.

coleen serfoss
Coleen Serfoss
  • I graduated from Iowa State University.
  • I have 9 siblings, 20 nieces & nephews, and 5 great-nieces/nephews. All of which live in Iowa & Nebraska.
  • This will be my 24th year of teaching & my 12th year with Lake Travis.
  • I have a 2 year old husky and a 16 year old cat!
class schedule
Class Schedule
  • 7:45 – 8:00 Assembly/Announcements
  • 8:00 – 9:15 Math (with Ms. Lesley)
  • 9:15 – 9:20 Transition/Snack
  • 9:20 – 10:10 Science (with Ms. Lesley) (Library, Computers, Counseling on Wednesday)
  • 10:10 – 11:00 Social Studies
  • 11:00 – 11:30 Pods
  • 11:30 – 12:20 Specials/Planning
  • 12:20 – 12:50 Lunch
  • 12:50 – 1:10 Recess/Study Hall
  • 1:10 – 2:40 RLA
  • 2:40 – 2:45 Pack up/Dismissal
overview of 5 th grade year
Overview of 5th grade year
  • Fire Prevention Presentation
  • Spring Carnival
  • Track and Field
  • Geo Bee
  • ROPES Course
  • Science Fair projects
  • Christmas Party with all of 5th grade
  • Valentine’s party
  • Sea World
  • End of year Party
staar testing
STAAR Testing

Reading: April 2nd

Math: April 3rd

Science: April 23rd

5 th grade classroom consequences
5th grade classroom consequences
  • Verbal Warning - Missing homework DOES NOT receive a verbal warning
  • Sign the Conduct Book -
    • Each time you sign the conduct book - it will be written in your planner. The planner will need to be signed by a parent nightly.
  • Phone call to parents - after signing the conduct book twice in one day – student will call parent
  • Office referral
  • Note- Students may be sent to the office immediately in the case of a severe disruption. (Fighting, refusing to work, damaging property, extreme disrespect, or any behavior that keeps the classroom from functioning.)
  • Verbal Praise
  • Stamp in assignment book each morning if signed by parent

* 15 stamps saved and redeemed on Friday for a

trip to the TREASURE BOX

* 20 stamps saved and redeemed on Friday for

lunch in the classroom with a friend or two.

* 30 stamps saved and redeemed on Friday for a

no homework pass, to be used on one

assignment (student needs to check with teacher)

weighting of infractions
Weighting of Infractions

Minor infractions

Interrupting…lose 1 point

Distracting behavior…lose 1 point

Responsibility Infractions

Forgetting homework…lose 1 point

Not prepared for class…lose 1 point

Respect Infractions

talking back…lose 5 points

foul language…lose 5 points

displaying physical aggression…lose 5 points

destruction of property…lose 5 points

reading language arts ms serfoss
Reading/Language Arts(Ms. Serfoss)

The fifth grade reading program uses a variety of materials and formats to cover the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for 5th grade as well as prepare our students for success on the STAAR test.

  • We will be using our basal readers to read assigned stories and develop specific reading skills.
  • We also read novels throughout the year.
  • DOL (Daily Oral Language)
  • Students will read class novels and complete reading projects to enhance learning. We will participate in the school wide Reading Challenge, hosted by Mrs. Wood.
  • Students will also have spelling assignments as well as writing assignments.
math ms lesley
Math(Ms. Lesley)

Our primary goal is to encourage mathematical power for all students. The goal of the 5th grade math program is to not only cover the TEKS, but to prepare the students to apply these skills to real life situations.

Some of the things you might see your child doing this year:

  • computation tests: (basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division facts)
  • brainteasers/problem solvers (given on Mondays/due on Fridays)
  • Math 4 Today- activities that reinforce skills
  • assignments that support the curriculum
  • hands on projects
  • math games
  • Students will experience quizzes, tests, and a few projects.

A very important part of our math curriculum is homework. Students need the opportunity to struggle with math that is challenging to them. Please support your child in these struggles and victories as they learn and perfect these critical skills.

social studies
Social Studies

Social Studies in fifth grade, as our text title The United States suggests, consists of an overview of American History. Therefore, our study begins with a look into the lives of the earliest Americans and spans all the way to the more current events of the twenty-first century.

Students will be spending a minimum of thirty minutes daily in social studies. Homework assignments will typically consist of work begun in class or application of skills/concepts taught in class. Students will continue to develop the academic habit of studying for unit tests, and projects may be assigned occasionally.

Some of the things you may see your students doing:

GROW quizzes ( given every three weeks)

map skills

current events

Weekly Readers

reading assignments



science mrs lesley
Science (Mrs. Lesley)

One of the major focuses of fifth grade students in learning and applying the Scientific Method.

  • All students will participate in the science fair. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to investigate and problem solve as a scientist.
  • In addition to the science fair, students will be involved in a variety of activities in class, such as investigations, experiments, demonstrations, and learning to read a technical textbook. We anticipate that our students will broaden their scientific vocabulary and understand the world they live in.
  • Assigned homework may include such activities as completing assignments begun in class, practicing concepts previously taught, or extending learning through projects and application activities.
  • Please help your student be able to successfully complete their assignments by providing a place to work. Some students find that the kitchen table works well, others prefer a study area in their rooms. Students will need materials available to them so they can complete their work. Try putting the following items in an inexpensive bucket, plastic bin, or basket: pencils, paper, stapler, colored pencils, highlighters, glue sticks, scissors. Reserve these portable supplies for homework time only!
  • Please note that 50 minutes per day or 250 per week is the average amount of time 5th graders will spend on their homework. Help your child establish the habit of completing the work assigned and then immediately putting it in the backpack so the work can be turned in the next day.
assignment books
Assignment Books
  • ALL students will be asked to keep track of each day’s assignments in their assignment books. PLEASE check your student’s assignment book each night to see what your student is responsible for each night, as well as project due dates, test dates, and/or reminders of need supplies or special events.
  • The assignment book is our daily communication with you! Please be sure to check not only assignments but any quick notes we may have recorded or attached. Feel free to write a quick note to us as well!
homework policy
Homework policy
  • If an assignment is not turned in on time, the student will sign the conduct book and a “no homework” slip will be sent home (attached to the assignment book). The assignment, due the next day with the parent signature, will lose 10 points from the grade.
  • After 2 days, another note and/or a phone call will be made. (I usually have the students call a parent themselves) Students will again sign the conduct book and lose 20 points from the grade
  • After 3 days, a zero will be given for incomplete work.
other forms of communication
Other forms of communication
  • Tuesday folders: get them back as quickly as possible.
  • Student assignment books/planners: #1 form of communication that we use!
  • Conference- (during kid’s specials or after school) You may request a conference at any time!
  • Texas Connect
other items
Other items:

Sign up for conference times (everyone)

  • Please stop and visit the special area teachers and your child’s POD teacher.
  • Please sign the Compact note!