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How To create a blog! PowerPoint Presentation
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How To create a blog!

How To create a blog!

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How To create a blog!

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  1. How To create a blog!

  2. What is a blog? • What is a “blog?” Short for “web log” An online journal. • Allows for interaction between the writer and the readers through comments Includes articles, images, video, links to other sites, and comments. • Many types of blogs – personal, entertainment, business, media/news, educational, etc. • Approximately 70 million blogs on the web.

  3. Why is a class blog better than a website? • Blogs are easier to update and maintain. • Blog entries are automatically posted. • Variety of ready-made templates for customization. • Blogs encourage discussion easily through allowing comments. • Blogs can be easily accessed and updated from anywhere.

  4. Why use blogging in the classroom? • Share student’s work • Share class notes and study guides • Share classroom happening’s with parents, relatives, and other students from around the world. • Share homework with parents and students • Share links to websites that students can use at home • Share pictures and videos of students working in class • You can make your blog private so that others can not see your students

  5. Examples of some great blogs! • • • •

  6. You can access the blogger web page through your Google e-mail account.

  7. Create a title for your blog. Create your own personal web address. Choose your template!

  8. This is where you will be able to access your blog. You can click the orange pencil to write a new post.

  9. This is your overview page. Click here to start a new post. The “posts” tab will take you to all the posts that you’ve written. The stats tab lets you know how many people have viewed your blog.

  10. Adding an image • You will click on the images button to add a new picture. Image Button From here you can upload a picture from all of these sources.

  11. Adding a Video Click the film strip Your video must be less than 100MB

  12. Click on the layout tab. Click the “Add a Gadget” button to add different gadgets to your blog.

  13. Some gadgets that you can add *! This gadget lets your readers follow your blog. This gadget allows you to make a profile page about your self for others to see.

  14. More gadgets… This gadget creates a photo stream of your uploaded pictures to Picasa. This gadget lets you create new pages on your blog.

  15. Adding your own template • • • I have added directions on your hand out about how to upload these templates.

  16. Adding documents to your blog Create you free account with Scribd. I have found that this is the best way to upload documents to blogger. This is where you will upload your document.

  17. Clickon the embed tab. Click Copy

  18. Click on the ‘HTML’ tab. Paste the code into the box. Then publish your post.

  19. This is how it will appear on your blog page.

  20. on your own! *Create your own blog! *Personalize your blog. *Create pages for your class blog. I’ll be walking around to help!