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Audio Consoles Digital & Analog Use arrows key to change sl

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Audio Consoles Digital & Analog Use arrows key to change sl - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solidyne. Audio Consoles Digital & Analog Use arrows key to change slides . Solidyne. Solidyne manufactures audio consoles from 1968 Our old competitors are no longer at business….

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Audio Consoles

Digital & Analog

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Solidyne manufactures audio consoles from 1968

Our old competitors are no longer at business…

…Then, after more than 40 years, we are the world oldest manufacturer of audio consoles for radio stations.

We offer you the largest experience in audio engineering and innovation.

now we offer the full modular 2300 line the most flexible console at the market
Now we offer the full modular 2300 line; the most flexible console at the market

++ Full VCA control, with conductive ceramic faders that lasts 20 years

++ Mini-PBX phone lines attention with 3 hybrids inside

++ Single command audio & logic control for Hybrids, using VCA

++ Digital & Analog In/Outs

++ Internal 15 W stereo amplifiers for Control Studio, Speakers Studio & mono CUE

++ Full Solid State logic & Audio switching

++ Digital AES3 or USB In/Outs

++ Audio over IP digital link between studios using your 100 Mbps Ethernet LAN

Low Cost

Manages from 6 to 26 stereo channels

2300XS: 6 to 12 channels2300XL: 8 to 16 channels2300XX 12 to 26 channels2300XZ: Idem with LCD flat video monitors


XL models

4 Vu-meters

Option for Stereo Phase Vector

Option for Timer-Clock

Option for VQR voice restoration technology

Option for AES3 in/outs

Option for USB digital audio

Option for MIC processing

Option for Audio over IP

2300XL8 to 16 channels + 3 phone hybrids inside

Series 2300 is the world only console that offers you all this options for future expansion

standard consoles with mic module 2310
Standard consoles with MIC module 2310
  • MIC Equalizer is standard
  • Pan-Pots
  • THD Distortion below 0,01 %
  • 110 dB dynamic range

MIC processors in module 2312

  • Each MIC input with a complete audio processor
  • The sound of your speaker's voices is the image of your Radio station

Only Solidyne gives you this powerful tool !


Microphone Module 2312

1-It has an excellent 4-band equalizer, designed for human voice2-One audio compressor for each microphone ensures a perfect sound balance between voice and music3-The Expander Gate system eliminates ambient background noise from the microphones to improve the audio quality of the voices of your Radio


Option VC180

The VC180 is a module option to measure the Stereo Phase Vector indicating the audience perceived stereo sensation level.It incorporates also a true peak VU meter with three-color LEDs scale


Option Clock / Timer

It is a crystal controlled clock which gives the exact timeWhen you open the microphones, the clock is transformed into a Timer, counting the time in minutes and seconds that the speaker is on the air. Thus there is a very precise control of time of an interview or comment. This prevents abuse of on air time from the DJ or journalist, to avoid the audience be tired.

digital consoles with 2320 modules
Digital Consoles with 2320 modules
  • Modules 2320 accepts digital audio AES3 (AES/EBU) or S/Pdif with automatic switching to 32 / 44.1 or 48 KHz sampling
  • 2320 also accepts balanced analog lines

You can add all the digital channels you need. Now or at the future

Only Solidyne gives you this flexibility!

digital audio quality with 2320
Digital Audio Quality with 2320
  • 2300 digital console guarantee zero audible distortion (hard to even measure it ...)
  • Using AES-3 digital inputs , you get distortion harmonics below 0.001%
  • The most advanced digital console for advanced Radio stations

Zero distortion console

usb digital in outs using 2302 modules
USB digital In/Outs using 2302 modules
  • Since 2005 Solidyne introduces another innovation: digital inputs / outputs using the popular USB port
  • This eliminates the use of audio cards inside the PC, improves sound quality and prevents hum or connection errors

Each module 2302 manages 8 digital channels (2 Stereo recording and 2 Stereo playback)

2330 module offers you vqr technology
2330 module offers you VQR technology
  • Solidyne consoles are the only at world market offering you the VQR technology (Voice Quality Restoration)
  • VQR system, a creation of Solidyne, can restore the original voice quality, loss during transmission by telephone line or cell phone
  • It restores the low and high frequencies giving 40 Hz-8 KHz audio response with near-studio quality

Not convinced? Please hear the audio demos at our Website

standard 48 v phantom kit of cables and connectors
Standard 48 V Phantom Kit of cables and connectors
  • All 2300 series consoles have 48V phantom power to work with any condenser microphoneYou can even request the complete wiring, assembled and 100% factory tested by Solidyne. This gives you the solution to lower installation costs; you can install a full studio in one hour!
solidyne offers you a 4 x mic box the studio box you can install in one hour a full radio studio
Solidyne offers you a 4 x MIC Box & the Studio BOXYou can install in one hour a full radio studio!

Without changing your furniture, Without electricians, Without wiring or soldering

MIC Box uses a custom made 4 x shielded balanced cable of 5 meters length

  • It is connected with a 5 meters cable to the D9 connector of console 2300
  • It handles 5 headset with individual level
  • Level of loudspeakers,
  • Timer & Clock,
  • Tally Light
  • Inverse Talkback.

Phone Lines Mini-PBXSolidyne console is the only at market that has internal hybrids that manage 2 phone lines plus one Cell Phone, all in conference

  • The audience calls rings into the CUE speaker and you answer "hands free"
  • Lines can be transferred from Production
  • 3 hybrids telephone with conferencing capability(one is cellphone)
  • For airing you only need to open a fader;
  • When it opens, automatically disconnects from CUE
  • When you close the fader, it returns the call to CUE

MASTER MIC: it sends to Air all the microphones that you have programmed

internal monitor amplifiers
Internal monitor amplifiers

++ 5 amplifiers of 15 W stereo for Control & Studio speakers and mono CUE.

++ The console handles up to 8 headsets,

++ The talkback microphone is heard in headphones and loudspeakers

++ The console has a D9 connector for optional connection of Studio BOX

++ The console allows the independent management of the Studio and Control headset and CUE speaker

++ All logic switching and audio mute keys used solid state technology

you can use 2300 consoles in full digital radio stations
You can use 2300 consoles in full digital radio stations


PC with automation software


Aux PC at MCR

PC at speakers studio







Remote Transmission

CD Player


Audio over IP the new technologySolidyne offers direct connection to 100 Mbps Ethernet LAN It allows to send high quality digital audio using the standard Ethernet LAN of the radio station

studio - A

Digital STL link using ADA102

studio - B

100 Mbps Ethernet LAN used at radio station

studio – C

Digital Audio Processor

high reliability using professional grade electronic parts
High reliability using professional grade electronic parts

CERMET presets

MEC pushbuttons of 10 million operations

Full advanced VCA & Digital VCA technology

front panels made of polycarbonate will last all the life
Front panels made of polycarbonate will last all the life
  • Only Solidyne offers audio consoles with polycarbonate film engraved at reverse side
  • There is not way to wear it !
2300XZ consoles are manufactured using the same modules as the rest of the series. VU meters are electronic with phase vector. They have two LCD video monitors and manages up to 55 stereo inputs

All 2300 consoles are mounted without cutting the desk

You can order the console with a central script desk

Audio IP routing can be managed from the internal PC

very flat cabinet
Very flat cabinet
  • Using new technologies, height of the console has been reduced to 2 cm. Then it does not require cutting the table to get a mount pleasing to the eye. It allows a comfortable operator hand position
ceramic faders for 20 years operation
Ceramic Faders for 20 years operation

Only Solidyne offer you conductive ceramic faders & ETM-VCA technology to obtain 2 million cycles operation, noise free

In our laboratory research continues to improve our products. It can be seen down a machine to measure the fader's wear Our research has enabled us to create conductive ceramic technology with ETM-VCA operation, which is used in all models of Solidyne consoles, giving you faders that will last 20 years



10 channels high tech console

10 channels: 3 x MIC, 4 x LIN, 3 x phone hybrids, 8 faders2 stereo digital inputs and 2 stereo digital outputs, using USB connection to PC4 electronic VU meters

4 band MIC equalizer

MIC audio compressor

Conductive ceramic faders with 20 year duration

90 – 240 volt switching power supply


3 x MIC inputs with four bands EQ and Audio compression


Two stereo digital inputs

Two stereo digital outputs


Phantom 48 V

Very flat designCan be mounted without cutting desk

  • 3 internal phone hybrid included (one is Cellular phone)
  • All hybrids can operate in conference

Noiseless VCA conductive ceramic faders with more than 2 million cycle life

Output for start external devices when open faders





Input & outputs use standard XLR connectors, 6,35 mm stereo jacks or RCA unbalanced

Modular electronic for easy maintenance


D816 offers you an advanced monitoring system

It includes a Distribution Amplifier for feeding six headphones



S500 manages

6 channels; five stereo audio plus one internal phone hybrid

Conductive ceramic faders ETC-VCA for 20 years use


S500 console is the only at world market that offers you:

1-Four bands MIC equalizer

2-Audio compressor for MIC inputs

3-Independent recording channel

4- Separate muted outputs for Control Room and Speaker's Studio

5-CUE channel with internal speaker

6-Internal Phone hybrid


Console S500-6M

Analog console for mobile use mono or stereo

Musical shows & concertsMusic bands


Mobile analog stereo console S500-6M

Based on S500 model with 6 MIC inputs

All your stereo studio travels inside this optional briefcase

Analog output is linked with Studio using a laptop with modem 3G

In emergency a simple phone line is used


Stereo operation using 6 microphones

Internet link to studios

Codec-Mixer MB 2400Codec + audio console for high quality digital stereo transmission Audio over IP & Stereo Digital
  • 10 audio channels with digital Ethernet output for streaming
  • Internal MIC processor with peak audio compression for voice
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection to Cell Phone
  • 5 balanced MIC inputs with optional 48 V phantom supply
  • 6 outputs for stereo headphones
  • Internal computer for worldwide connection to Internet
  • NI-Metal battery for 12 to 16 hours continuous transmission
  • Light weight cabinet made of aeronautical aluminum alloy
codec mixer mb 2400
Codec-Mixer MB 2400

5 MIC with 48V phantom for mono or stereo transmission

MB2400 is a complete mobile studio with digital audio quality

You can connect it to any Internet plug in order to link with your studios using audio streaming

6 headsets audio distribution amplifier

codec mixer mb 240044
Codec-Mixer MB 2400

During sports transmissions MB2400 is able to manage a virtual network with two Cell Phones in order to have a remote Journalist for interview to the sport players

codec mixer mb 240045
Codec-Mixer MB 2400

The studio link could be a Internet modem or a small 3G modem

Using flat rate offers from Mobile Phone companies, you will have inexpensive digital transmissions

codec mixer mb 240046
Codec-Mixer MB 2400

Your Journalist will be able to link studios using Bluetooth digital microwave link to one Cell Phone (up to 10 meters)

At the Studios side, one Solidyne hybrid with VQR will restore the voice sound quality

Please hear VQR audio demos at our WEBsite


Miniature console MB2100 only weights 600 grManages Four channels and has internal MIC equalizer and audio compressor to get always the same transmission level.This internal MIC processing gives you the best sound of the marketModels “BL” has digital Bluetooth link to Cell Phone … no more wires, please!


It uses the same technology employed at NASA satellites to save energy, based on MOS ICs

The rechargeable battery gives 16 hours of continuous use

The charger operates from 100 to 240 V. You can plug it at any socket around the world

Please see it carefully… Its your new “remote van”It manages 4 MICs and terrestrial phone line or Cellular wired phone.Models “BL” have Bluetooth connection to cell phone


Easy to use Easy to transport

Automatic gain level Up to 4 headphones


New MB2100 models includes DTMF keyboard

“BL” models includes wireless Bluetooth digital link

MB2100 improves the audio quality of the VQR technology

You get near-studio sound quality trough a cell phone

VQR is the only voice quality system with zero delay

Hybrid with VQR

Phone audio quality

Restored Studio Quality