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Graduation & Dropout Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Graduation & Dropout Workshop

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Graduation & Dropout Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Graduation & Dropout Workshop
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  1. Graduation & Dropout Workshop Oakland Schools Thursday, March 20, 2008

  2. Building An Understanding • Calculate graduation rate using cohort methodology • Graduation cohort established in the fall of a student’s ninth grade year via SRSD submission • Student tracked from grade to grade and district to district across the state via SRSD submissions

  3. Building An Understanding • In the Previous GAD Application: • Data extracted and presented over four SRSD submissions • Data presented in aggregate form for all grades at a participating school (typically grades nine to twelve) • Data was easily amendable • Dropout and graduation rate calculated and displayed in the application • Included a submit feature to submit building / district data

  4. Building An Understanding • In the New GAD Application: • Data extracted over thirteen SRSD submissions • Data listed at student detail level for 2007 cohort only • Records are amendable. Request for change submitted by the district and approved at ISD • Application does not show your graduation rate. • Application allows for submission by omission • No submit button to “send” data to CEPI • Whether data is changed or not, at the end of the reporting window the application is closed, data submitted to CEPI

  5. Building An Understanding • Factors of calculation: • Grad Rate = On time Graduates/Cohort • On Time Graduates: • Student records in a cohort submitted as graduates via SRSD by thirteenth submission • Students approved as extensions received an additional year to be reported as graduating and do not count against a district graduation rate

  6. The Application • Previous GAD application access transferred to Current GAD application • If you did not previously have access to the application, you will need: • A MEIS Account • Security Agreement

  7. Sign-on to the application The Application

  8. Choose Your District The Application

  9. District info is displayed Scroll to the bottom; click Review and Comment The Application

  10. Select all or specific building to work on The Application

  11. Student records are displayed Column labels and status drop down allow for different sorting of list upon click Legend: The Application = MER = Dropped Reported = Dropped Exempt = Continuing Off-Track = On Track/Graduated = Pending Status

  12. Click on student name to access record level detail All submission history since cohort begin year displayed Last submission data displayed along top Functionality to amend data available The Application

  13. Request an Extension: Select reason from Drop-down *Middle College LEP Special Ed. Medical Emergency List comments in comment box Click Request Extension The Application

  14. Request an Extension Results screen This request is submitted to the MI Department of Education for Approval The Application

  15. Click Request an Exit Record: The Application

  16. Request an Exit: Select updated code from Drop-down Indicate new drop date List comments/ documentation on file to validate change Click Request Exit Record The Application

  17. Request an Exit Results screen This request is submitted to your ISD The Application

  18. Request to Link UIC The Application

  19. Request a Link: Identify the UIC to link the listed record to Click validate The Application

  20. Request a Link Validation rules check UIC number for existence The Application

  21. Request a Link Both UIC data listed Double check data Scroll to the bottom of the screen The Application

  22. Request a Link List comments for linking Click request a UIC link button The Application

  23. Request a Link Results screen This request is sent to CEPI The Application

  24. Pending Approvals: Option available to check pending requests The Application

  25. Pending records and status of approvals / denials listed The Application

  26. Next Steps • What else do I know? • Memos from CEPI • My data, my district, my SIS • When do I start? • Expected release date: April 1

  27. Next Steps • Where do I start? • Logon to the GAD application and perform data analysis • MER students • Dropped Reported • Continuing – Off Track • The list will be different than previous cohort reports! • Request data changes where applicable & supportable

  28. Next Steps • Run Reports • Under construction…

  29. Additional Information • • •

  30. Questions ??