South carolina high school graduation requirements vs 4 year college university requirements
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South Carolina High School Graduation requirements Vs. 4 year College/University requirements…. Understand and be prepared for Both…your future depends on it!!!! Mrs. Anjail Salahudin-Bolden, Ed.S., NBCT. S.C. High School Requirements:.

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South carolina high school graduation requirements vs 4 year college university requirements l.jpg

South CarolinaHigh School Graduation requirements Vs. 4 year College/University requirements…

Understand and be prepared for Both…your future depends on it!!!!

Mrs. Anjail Salahudin-Bolden,Ed.S., NBCT

S c high school requirements l.jpg
S.C. High School Requirements:

  • All students in South Carolina must earn the specified 24 units of High School Credit in addition to passing the Exit Exam. The following slides will explain these requirements in detail.

English l.jpg

High School

4 Units


4 Units


Slide4 l.jpg

High School

4 units

(any high school level math classes)



Algebra 1 or (MT1 and MT2 in place of Algebra 1)


Algebra 2

Starting w/ class of 2011 – 4th math is required and must be taken from:

Algebra 3/trigonometry ,Pre-cal, Calculus, statistics, or discrete math, or a capstone mathematics course should be taken in the senior year.


Science l.jpg

High School

3 units

Effective with FreshmenEntering in 2006-2007,

Physical Science must be PASSED and 1st taken by the end of 10th grade in order to graduate high school


*3 LAB sciences

Biology(Any level)

Chemistry(Any level)

Physics (Any level)

*Marine Science will meet this requirement as well.

Physical Science is NOT a lab science


Social studies l.jpg

High School

3 Total units

1 unit of an “other” social studies class

1 unit of U.S. History

(11th grade)

½ unit of Government

(12th grade)

½ unit of Economics (12th grade)


3 Total units

1 unit of an “other social studies class

1 unit of U.S. History

½ unit of Government

½ unit of Economics

Social Studies

Foreign world language or vocational education l.jpg

High School

1 unit

**Vocational courses are any courses with course numbers beginning with “50-69”

(see Course guide)


2 units of the same Foreign language

*Clemson and COC require

3 units of the same f. lang.

*Vocational classes won’t satisfy this requirement

Foreign(world)Language OR vocational Education

Pe jrotc l.jpg

High School

1 unit

College/ University

1 unit


Computer science l.jpg

High School

1 unit


1 unit *Starting with class of 2011, The computer science class will count as the Academic elective.. See College req’d elective page later in slide.

Computer Science

Electives l.jpg

High School

7 units(courses that are NOT core academic classes)

(any course that you take in addition to the required minimum number in each academic category, begins to count as an elective)

Example: Level 2 and above foreign language classes, 4th science, or 2nd computer science class would count as an elective


4 Academic units

Can be selected from any 3 different subject areas to include: Math, Social Studies, Science, English, Foreign Language, and Computer Science

*For specifics, check with the college/university in question


Beginning with class of 2011 college req d electives l.jpg
Beginning with class of 2011College req’d Electives:

  • Fine Arts (1 unit)One unit in Appreciation of, History of, or Performance in one of the fine arts.

  • Academic Electives (1 unit) One unit must be taken as an elective. A college preparatory course in Computer Science is strongly recommended. Other acceptable courses can come from CP English, Fine Arts, Foreign Lang., Social Science, Humanities, Lab science, or mathematics above the level of Algebra 2

S c exit exam l.jpg

  • All students must pass both the Math and English/language Arts portion of the Exit Exam. Students take this exam during their second year in high school. Students have the chance to re-take the portion(s) of the exam that they don’t pass in the following semester.

Slide13 l.jpg

J. Harley Bonds:

Webpage Design/Development 1A/1B*

Computer Service Technology 1A/1B*

Medical Careers/Sports Medicine 1

Anatomy/Physiology/Medical Term./Sport Med. 2

Health Science Technology 1A/1B

Pharmacy Technician (seniors only)

Cosmetology 1A/1B –( 11th and 12th)

Culinary Arts 1A/1B (10th -12th)*

Building Construction1A/1B*

Landscape Technology

Small Animal Care

Computer Assisted Drafting 1A/1B*

Pre-Engineering (1A/1B*

Welding Technology 1A/1B*

Automotive Technology 1A/1B*

Machine Tool Technology 1A/1B*

*These courses are dual credit. Earn honors credit in high school and Greenville Tech dual credit

Enoree :

Auto Collision Technology 1 and 2 (10th – 12th)

Auto Technology 1 and 2 (11th-12th)

Building Construction 1 and 2 (10t h-12th)

Career Exploratory (9th- 12th)

Cosmetology 1 and 2 (11th- 12th)

Graphics 1, 2, and 3 (10th – 12th)

Certified Nursing Asst. (11th -12th)

Emergency Response (11th – 12th)

Anatomy and Physiology (10th- 12th)

Medical Terminology (10th-12th)

Sports Medicine 1 and 2 (10th – 12th)

Pharmacology Technician (12th)

Law Enforcement (11t h- 12th)

Early Childhood Education 1 and 2 (11th – 12th)

Fashion Merchandising (10th-12th)

Web Page Design and Dev. 1A (10th-12th)

Advertising (1th-12th)

Culinary Arts 1A and 1B (11th-12th)

Career CentersStudents must complete an application and sign up for them in SRS. Two year in the same program satisfiesone of the science requirements.