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Evolution not Revolution!!

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Evolution not Revolution!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Evolution not Revolution!!. An Integrated approach to promoting positive parenting and social and emotional competence in children. The Powys ‘Everybody’s Business’ Model. Integration and alignment of strategic programmes, services and resources; Community focused Schools/SEG/PDG

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Evolution not Revolution!!

An Integrated approach to promoting positive parenting and social and emotional competence in children

the powys everybody s business model
The Powys ‘Everybody’s Business’ Model

Integration and alignment of strategic programmes, services and resources;

  • Community focused Schools/SEG/PDG
  • Communities First
  • Families first
  • Flying Start
  • IFST

Whole System Approach – Services and Systems!

  • Progressive universalism
  • Step up/down interface
  • Processes, Pathways and Provision
  • Aligned commissioned services and contracts
  • Multi Agency workforce Development
the incredible years pyramid in powys
The Incredible Years Pyramid in Powys
  • Workforce training – Interventions
      • Incredible Years group facilitation
      • Coaching
      • Teacher Classroom Management
      • Consultation and supervision
      • (Restorative Justice)
      • (Motivational interviewing)
      • (CBT approaches)

Parent interventions

  • Baby Programme
  • Toddler Programme
  • Basic programme
  • School age programme
  • School Readiness
  • 1:1 coaching
  • (Take three)
  • (Solihull)

Children and young

People’s interventions

  • Classroom Dina
  • Small-group Dina
  • (KIVA)
  • (Mindfulness)
  • (Mental health First Aid)
  • (Restorative Justice)
our evidence based intervention framework
Our Evidence Based Intervention Framework

Motivational Interviewing


Individual CBT

Restorative justice



IY Small Group Dina

Group/individual CBT

Motivational Interviewing

KIVa programme

Solihul programme


Incredible Years Programmes – parent, school. child

Restorative Justice/Approach

JAFF training incl information sharing

Pre school and foundation phase


KS3 & 4


School – Foundation Phase

1:1 services in the home


Childcare & Early Years Ed


An holistic approach to reinforcing the Incredible Years Message


Starting small……..

Nurturing growth.

ten top tips
Ten top tips……

1 - Align your strategic programmes and identify shared workforce development requirements and resources.

2 – Identify your workforce – all agency workers, carers, parents??

3 – Research and chose your key evidence based programmes and stick with them.

4 – Develop a single, integrated workforce development programme across all agencies and all tiers of intervention – Promotion and communication is key!

5 - Establish strategic level leadership and governance


Ten top tips continued……

6 – Establish appropriate infrastructure to ensure interventions are delivered with fidelity and efficacy and on going supervision and practice support is available.

7 – Ensure you build training capacity locally to ensure efficiency and sustainability (i.e. train the trainer)

8 – Embed your interventions and workforce requirements across all your commissioned/contracted services

9 – create a centralised training unit for centralised planning, delivery, booking and reporting

10 – Performance monitor the delivery of your workforce development programme and maintain open two way communication for feedback and continuous improvement


Role within clinical psychology department to work strategically across CYPP

  • Started in 2005
  • Evidence based programmes to deliver effective outcomes for children and parents (emotional health and well being)
  • Focus on parenting
  • Brief to develop IY and become trainer of trainers to sustain and maintain programmes that have effective outcomes
  • Important to also focus also on contribution of schools and programmes for teachers and children using complementary approaches
  • Link with university and on-going research/international links
why choose iy programmes
Why choose IY Programmes?
  • Over thirty years of research, including research in Wales
  • High standards of evidence and long term follow-up
  • Effective as clinical and preventive programmes
  • Were identified by the US Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention as a model “Blueprint” programme for violence prevention.
  • One of only 11 from 600 programmes reviewed that met the stringent criteria for evidence - tools for replication and effective implementation and independent replication
  • One of only two programmes identified by NICE as effective for the treatment of conduct disorder
nhs wales award 2012
NHS Wales Award - 2012.

Powys Health Board worked in partnership with Powys Children and Young People’s Partnership, and Barnardo’s Cymruto support families and schools to develop skills that will help with early intervention and prevention of behaviour difficulties in children.

“Touching the heart of the community and demonstrating a sustained generational impact, the now sustainable programme shows how public service organisations can deliver whole systems improvement.”

“The leadership of this programme

has been unwavering and is a credit

to the multiple agencies involved.”

a whole school iy approach cypp strategy
A Whole School IY approach: CYPP Strategy
  • Full range of school based programmes
  • School Readiness in collaboration with local early years settings- integrating services
  • In house accredited TCM trainer- trains other schools
  • In house Dina peer coach- coaches other schools
  • In house teacher trained as parent group leader
  • Facility to offer IY parent groups provided by FABSS- integrating services
  • Estyn Inspection
  • Care, support and guidance:
  • A strength of the school is the high level of care, support and guidance given to its pupils. Pupils feel valued and cared for within the school’s nurturing environment. The Incredible Years programme promotes pupils’ respect and consideration for each other very effectively and develops pupils’ good understanding of how to explore and express their feelings.
  • Partnership working:
  • Visitors are welcomed to the school to observe the Incredible Years programme in action. Staff with expertise deliver training in the programme to a range of other providers
ysgol golwg y cwm supporting children families and teachers using an integrated iy approach
Ysgol Golwg y Cwm: Supporting Children, Families and teachers using an Integrated IY Approach

Estyn Inspection Reports: Well Being and Care Support and Guidance

Clearly targeted support for vulnerable pupils has resulted in significant improvements in behaviour, confidence and achievement.

Most pupils demonstrate good behaviour and attitudes to learning. They are considerate and courteous and relate well to each other and adults and concentrate well on their tasks during lessons.

All pupils behave well, both in the playground and in the classroom. They are polite and courteous, and kind to each other.



  • Challenges?

Teachers report reduced stress levels (TSI) and pupils show significant improvements in conduct problems, hyperactivity, emotional symptoms and peer problems (SDQ)

  • Parents report significantly fewer and less intense behavioural problems – at home (ECBI)
  • Significant improvements in parental mental health (GHQ)

Parents of babies report significantly improved parenting confidence (KPCS)

Significant improvements in parental mental health (GHQ)

  • eport


Two thirds of parents who complete the School Readiness Programme report improvements in their child’s behaviour. (SDQ) Parents reporting significant challenges can be sign posted to longer IY groups.


Ongoing challenges

  • Engagement and retention for parent groups, particularly in Flying Start areas
  • Collecting pre and post measures for all participants
  • Ongoing engagement of partner agencies in parenting
  • Building and maintaining a supportive infra-structure to ensure fidelity
  • Resisting attempts to move away from delivery with fidelity
  • Resist attempts to move away from evidence based programmes
kiva anti bullying programme an integrated approach
KIVa Anti Bullying Programme: An Integrated Approach
  • Strong evidence base with current research in Wales
  • Training delivered through Powys tHB with local trainer
  • Funding for training, materials and start up via CYPP
  • Delivered by schools
  • Parental involvement key (an important issue for parents)
  • Strategic link emotional health and well being strategy
  • Development of a local supportive infrastructure
  • On-going audit and evaluation

Please contact us if you need to know more – we are happy to share!