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Wafer Front End-Effector- Kensington Labs PowerPoint Presentation
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Wafer Front End-Effector- Kensington Labs

Wafer Front End-Effector- Kensington Labs

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Wafer Front End-Effector- Kensington Labs

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  1. Wafer Front End-Effector

  2. The Kensington Laboratories caters to the personalized form motion controls, load ports, robotics, and precision levels in prudent ways. The new technological functionalities of the wafer front end equipment and the staged repair are known as the single solutions to form the semiconductor performances.

  3. Wafer End Effector Kensington’s Robot End-Effectors have a long history of operation in semiconductor wafer fabrication. Several of Kensington’s End-Effector innovations have advanced wafer processing capability. These include 300mm Edge-Grip for reduce particle performance and Through Beam Technology for wafer mapping.

  4. Configurations • Edge Grip End-Effector • Vacuum Grip End-Effector • Through Beam : Vacuum Grip and Edge Grip end-effectors • Thin Wafer Vacuum End-Effector • High Temperature Applications • Square Substrate Handling with Through Beam • Transparent Substrate Handling with Through Beam • Custom configurations for a wide range of applications, vacuum end-effectors • Wafer sizes 50 mm to 300 mm • Crown/Taiko Wafer Designs

  5. Innovative Technology drawn by Kensington Laboratories We use innovative technology that has reliable and long lasting components for the wafer front end. This advanced controller has a defined path speed in order to maintain the speed and acceleration further. We avail both top-mounted and bottom-mounted versions with maximum reliability and cost-effective solutions.

  6. The Robotic Design for the Wafer Front End Look at the manufacturing process that checks upon the cleanliness and the environment control is the wafer front end handling equipment. It has arisen from the semiconductor devices manufacturing within the semiconductor industry.

  7. It is easy to understand that t can provide the perfect distribution of the chemicals where no more meters are needed. It keeps high quality and is the most budget-friendly option. The characteristic that makes it compelling is the low energy consumption, 360-degree rotation with ergonomic design, customized controls, and easy loading and filling options.

  8. CONTACT US Kensington Laboratories, LLC 6200 Village Parkway Dublin , CA 94568 Phone: 510.324.0126 Fax: 510.324.0130 Our Toll Free Number 1-888-977-7800 Sales – Kensington Robots & Stages, Newport PM500 Stages, Spare Parts Service - Kensington robot and stage repairs, Newport PM500 stage repairs